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for those of us using nicotine gum to quit smoking... questions, answers, feelings, concerns, etc!

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Judy621 (08-28-13) posted a comment on this blog post | Good Morning Everyone
MIKE!!!! Good Morning!!!! Yep, Halloween is near and so is the time change. Congrats on 1161 days and keep on adding those smoke free days. XOXO
(9 minutes ago)

Judy621 (08-28-13) posted a comment on this blog post | Oh My Goodness
I missed the blog that you mentioned--sorry but I was at work. Thanks for sharing your feelings. Sometimes I zig when I should of zagged too--we all do. Keep on adding those smoke free...
(12 minutes ago)

Judy621 (08-28-13) posted a comment on this blog post | First post, Day 6
Welcome to our group. Your blog was pretty typical. Most of us come here vent, share, and to learn how to quit. Congrats you just like the rest of us "seekers of the truth".  I also...
(18 minutes ago)



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for those of us using nicotine gum to quit smoking... questions, answers, feelings, concerns, etc!

Brief description: for those of us using nicotine gum to quit smoking... questions, answers, feelings, concerns, etc!



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i remember trying to quit years ago when the gum was introduced and it tasted worse than a cigarette. they ve done wonders ing the gum and it is really taking the edge  off and keeps my mind busy with repeated chewing which I believe helps replace the hand to mouth motion of smoking!

fjpbanshee 536 days ago

how do i go about getting the gum is there financial help?

tuchux 912 days ago

Well this will be my second attempt  to kick the habit. I quit for 11 months the last time I tried using gum. My mom bought me a 170 ct pack of 2 mg .I started out using 10 a day.Having all sorts of side effects.....headaches,sorethroat,hic-ups like I was gonna die.After 1 weeks of 10 a day I reduced the amount of gum to 5 a day on so on till I was out. I had kicked the habit....I could breathe ......What a great feeling ......No more hacking in the morning.....After 11 months I had gotten some bad news.......In a moment of weakness I stole a cig off a neighbor .....He warned me............Here i am off the wagon 13 months...I quit drinking 2 years ago.......that was easy.......... 

officer_krupt 1085 days ago

hi i tride to stop smoking but is very hard for me beuces of my deppression

lourdesinezgarcia 1167 days ago

Hello... anyone here? Most of the posts are old...

Anyway, I'm on day 6 and I was hoping to find some others who have done this.

Jessie 1197 days ago

Just a quick note for those asking about the free gum....go to the top banner of this page, click on PARTNERS, you will see the link towards the bottom of the page, I have not asked for the free gum yet but the link is there.  GOOD LUCK!!!

1tinkerd 1345 days ago

Hi  i"ve tried quitting  about 25 times and this time i"m serious. I feel so tired all day when i smoke and i need help. So i'm trieng the EX.  Its nice to know i'm not alone:)

iquit1605 1369 days ago


This is day 11 for me of officially being a non smoker. However,  I still have cravings, especially at night. I found it easier when I had some nicorette gum, but have ran out. I'm eating hard candy like it's going out of style. This is without a doubt the hardest thing I've done in my life. It's no easy feat, it's a fight for my life.

terrib325 1408 days ago

Hi ,my name is Mark, and I have decided finally to kick this nasty habit again for the third time.

Mabe my planning is better, but how much nic-gum should i buy,and for how long.

2bfree4good 1418 days ago

Hi, my name is Barbara. Today, I signed up for EX program, looking for the help I need to stay on the smoke-free track. I don't think I'm going to get the support I need from my spouse, since he is currently still smoking. So, here I am reaching out for those who are walking the same difficult path as me. I was wondering if anyone has Googled the new FSC cigarette. If not, you need to!!! It will open your eyes to a whole new level. This is the one thing that is helping me, right now. But, encase I fall.......

SR 1467 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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