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I am 35 years old and i have had a problem with smoking for 14 years, on and off.  I am married to a very supportive Husband, who i pray will quit smoking to one day when he is ready.  I have a very sweet dog, named Wendy and a hamster named Daisy, a little mouse named Shortcake and a bigger mouse named Licorice.  My husband and i have a happy little home, with all our pets.  I want to learn how to quit and stay quit when under stress.  I have a number of health problems, including diabetes, and i do not need to smoke with all these health problems i already have.  I am quitting for my health and my loved one's, and i am quitting for God as well, who has done so much for me!  I hope to get the skills and support i need here and maybe be there to support others as well.




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