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Debi 2166 days ago

Hi there!! Great to see you again Sarah! How about that Christmas snow we had? It was so pretty, perfect to happen when the kids were out of school too! I hope you are doing good with your quit. I am pretty amazed over a year has flown by already!! Take care and always good to see you!! : )

Debi 2170 days ago

Hi Sarah - I have been wondering how you are doing. Hope all is well with you!! Take care and hope you have a great New Year!!

Dawn 2354 days ago

sedddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................where are you?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patrick marsh 2369 days ago

congrats on the 225 days just awesome!!!!!!!!!

Debi 2372 days ago

I haven't checked in with you for quite a while (43 days it looks like) hope you are well and still hanging on - you are now at 222 days which is wonderful !! Hope to hear from you sometime,,,,,,congrats and take care!!

Debi 2415 days ago

Hi Sarah, you are about to have 180 days on your clock!! You must be so proud!! I hope you are doing well and enjoying our gorgeous weather we have been having - Take Care!

Debi 2432 days ago

Sarah - I hope all is well with you! How about this great weather we are having? Hope all is well with you - look at you at 162 days now! We are doing it - it feels good to have the energy & all the good things that go with quitting! take care ex-smoker girl!!

Dawn 2440 days ago


Debi 2440 days ago

Well Sarah - you have now completed 5 months of smoke-free days!!! I know you feel great,,,,,hope all is well with you! Hope you have had a good Easter Sunday - take care!! Hope to hear from you soon,,

Debi 2447 days ago

Hi Sarah ,,,, 147 days!!! That is 5 months give or take a day!!! I am so happy for you! I'm also very happy to here you feel like a non-smoker now and that you hardly ever think about smoking anymore!! I know you must feel so good! You did it all yourself too!! I'm glad to have been able to get to know you, going through this process with friends and supporters makes it easier!! I'm very proud of you Sarah!! You are a non-smoker - you did it!!

Mary 2448 days ago

Have a great weekeend sweetie! So proud of you! Hugs, Mary

Mary 2454 days ago

Hi Sarah, Just stopping by to say hi and have a great week and to let you know I am thinking of you. Hugs!

Debi 2466 days ago

Hi Sarah - I hope you are having a great day! my gosh look at you 128 days now,,,, over four months - you are doing just terrific!! (((hugs)))

Mary 2468 days ago

Congratulations, 126 days!!! So happy Spring is on it's way. Can't wait to get out and about and enjoy the week even though it will rain, it's better than snow. Keep on going strong--so proud you! Hugs

Debi 2475 days ago

Hi Sarah - I'm happy we are getting another mostly sunny day (little windy but that is okay with me!!) I hope you are doing well - have a great Sunday!!

LUCKY 2476 days ago

100 WOW

Dawn 2476 days ago

MyHotComments Hope that you are well!

Debi 2478 days ago

Hi - it does feel good to make it to 100 days now - I think it is time for me to stop thinking of it in days now, maybe I can start going to the months instead, Thanks for sharing this journey with me! Take care Sarah!! woohoo - we are gonna make it!!!

Debi 2486 days ago

Sarah, I just wanted to stop by and say Hi - look at your clock with 109 days.....woohooooo!!!!!

Dawn 2488 days ago

look like you're catching up to me!!!!! wooo hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Dawn 2488 days ago

Thanks, seddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

patrick marsh 2493 days ago


Debi 2495 days ago

HI Sarah!! I've been thinking about you....hoping you have not been having some hard days, I still have them of course, I had been a smoker for all of my adult life and here I am in my fifties finally trying to quit. I wished I had tried when I was your age! I'm so happy to hear from you! I've been having a sad night and seeing your blog and your message just made me so happy!! thank you thank you!!!

Mary 2497 days ago

hi Sarah, Well no clock, but you must be very close to 100 days. Congratulations my dear. Enjoy your smoke free weekend. Hugs, Mary

jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 2501 days ago

wow almost to 100.


Debi 2504 days ago

90 days - congratulations Sarah!!!!
you are doing so great my friend!!!

Mary 2504 days ago

Hi Sarah, You are rockin this quit girl. So proud of you. Hope your days are free and easy and light.
As my brother always says, travel lightly, ha It's actually a short but powerful message I think of often. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
Hugs, Mary

Debi 2507 days ago

Hi Sarah - time to dust off our snow boots once again for - Fri/Sat (I love it as long as it is snow only and no ice storm involved!! take care

molzep 2509 days ago

Hey, how it going? I thought of your blog yesterday - a Dr. asked if I smoked - I said no! weewhoo! (actually I said not in 65 days, cause I wanted that extra way to go thing!)

Have a nice day!

Mary 2510 days ago

Wow, 84 days. What can I say except you go girl! So proud. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, mary

Debi 2515 days ago

Sarah how are you doing? Look at your clock!!! You are going to have 80 days on your clock in just an hour - so cool!!

Mary 2516 days ago

You have a great week too Sarah. Those easier days are coming. Just keep a single minded attitude about it—which you are doing. You are a non-smoker and you will continue to be one. Hugs, Mary

Debi 2517 days ago

Hi Sarah I hope you are doing well! I guess for a while we are just going to have to accept that there will still be some hard days. We will make it though!! I had some moments today - but whenever I do feel the urge I just talk myself through it! Then coming here talking with everyone I feel better - reading blogs and messages! congratulations on you 77 almost 78 days - you are doing so great Sarah, I bet you feel so much better now too!! I need to start walking myself - have you been walking still? (big Hug)

Mary 2518 days ago

Hi there, Woo Hoo love looking at that clock. Haven't been on here much this week and can't believe how much can change in a short space of time with everyone. Have a great weekend and keep rocking that quit. You sure are on your way to really easy days now. Hugs, Mary

OhioSheltieLady 2518 days ago

76 days is incredible! You know that counter clock really does help a lot more than I thought it would. I love it! Thanks for being there for me and for posting notes in my blog, and keep moving forward always!

Dawn 2520 days ago

look at you go, sedddeeeee!!! 74 days!!! awesome!!!!!

Debi 2521 days ago

Sarah - congratulations on your 74 days!! You are such an ex-smoker!!
You are an inspiration too!!

Debi 2525 days ago

Hi Sarah - well I took my desk top tower in for repair. He told me probably a virus! I bought a used lap top ( my son had to come by and get it set up for me with a wireless router???) I am lost without my computer!! I hope all is well with you & no smoking!! This morning while drinking my coffee I just really wanted a cigarette - but it passed and I made it through another hard moment!!! Take Care

Mary 2525 days ago

Hello Stewards, Thanks for your message. You are so welcome for all the support. I will be on here from time to time. Needed to take a break and realized I just need to set some boundaries for myself. I got out of balance. I miss you guys. I am enjoying my evenings and I am feeling better everyday exercising and eating better and relaxing after my days with my grandbaby. You have a wonderful day and let us stay in touch. Hugs, Mary

Mary 2527 days ago

Hi, just stoping by to let you know I am leaving Ex for a time. I just wanted to thank you so much for your friendship and send you love. May come back sometime in the future. I left a message on my page. I know you'll keep you quit. Love and Hugs, Mary

Debi 2528 days ago

Hi - I've been having computer issues myself and I'm afraid we need to send it in for some repairs - I will be lost without it though. (it keeps freezing up & it is loses connection) hope you are doing well - I hope we don't get that snow they are talking about! How is the quitting going? I still have moments.....but I'm hanging on day by day.

SucceedingThisTime 2528 days ago

My unsmoked money is just about gone. I was planning on using it for a trip so I gotta get back to shovelling it away. It's a little harder in this economy. Can you believe all the people who are quitting? That is so great!!! I hope everyone makes it. You can spend an hour trying to encourage! Good to hear from you. I say kick it up in 2010!!!!

Mary 2529 days ago

Glad you can get back online. I’d be so lost without my computer. Great to hear you are going strong and yes, I am too. Getting better and better every day. And, yes, it is going to be a fantastic 2010. Take care. Hugs, Mary

Mary 2530 days ago

Have a great week sweetie and a big congrats on your 64 days! Wow. So proud of you. Hugs, Mary

Debi 2531 days ago

Sarah - I hope you are doing well and having a good New Year!! Look at your clock at 63 days!!! woohoo!!

SucceedingThisTime 2533 days ago

Happy New Year Sarah! Happy 2010 and still not smoking!

onedayatatime 2533 days ago

Happy New Year Sarah!! It's a new year and we are smoke free!!
We did it--made it throughthe holidays--it was not easy but we stuck to it and fought back and kept the quit.

Debi 2534 days ago

Hope you have a very Happy New Year!! 2010 !!!!

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