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Jacque- smoke freedom posted a comment on this blog post | 9/30/14
A big congrat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(just now)

SmokedOut ♥QUIT♥ 04-14-2012 posted a comment on this blog post | My quit date is here
Welcome to Ex Laurie CONGRATS on your lifesaving decision to quit. Stick close for support and believe you can break the chains that bind you. YOU CAN! The next time you think you want to...
(just now)

Theresa (healthy4life) ★ quit 9-22-14 ☆ posted a comment on this forum | Untitled
Dedicated to all the Freedom Train riders, "I'm free!" by Roger Daltrey (The Who) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGa70tVYVKo  
(2 minutes ago)


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