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day 256

May 11, 2013 Comments (6)

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ok, its been ok, sometimes i still feel a little nagging sensation, i know that given more time it will go away, someday, lol, i will be taking a trip to the states soon, strange, i find myself thinking about what to do about smoking and then remember i don't that, things come up that i used to think about when flying back home, i am very glad not to have to think about buying cigs in the states and even smoking there, cause there isn't anyplace to smoke, lol, and the airports and airplanes, this is going to be so easy, a breeze, a clean air act, odorless almost, lol, take care all and wish me luck, lol.

Comments (6)

karen!!!!  It's always so good to see you here on EX.  Congratulations on Day 256!  Remember how a number like THAT sounded so unattainable when we were at Day 3 or Day 7 or Day 10?   And just look at us now, eh?

When are you coming to the US?  WHERE are you coming to in the US?  How long will you be here?

xxxooo,   Sky

Sky Girl 1264 days ago

Congrats on 256! Sounds like the trip to the states might trigger smoking thoughts (more than the norm,LOL)! You have the skill set to get past them and will be fine since you're already preparing yourself! I think I'm at day 125 and there are many days I never think about lighting up but there are other days when I wish I had NOPE tattooed on my forehead! Have a great weekend!

Nyima 1.6.13 1263 days ago

Wow, I can't wait to be able to say 256 to smoke free days. Just remmeber that very stupid cig you gave up and worked hard for is not worth it. You know this all ready. I it  say because I need to say for myself .  I went 30 days last year, then picked up a flavered cigar, well backing to smoking, figured its not the same as a cig. that taught me all for of tabacco, can start the train down the wrong track. grats to you. I picked mothers day to start over again.

Wishingstar (Renee) 1263 days ago

Congrats on 256! Where do you live? I thought you lived here already :)

Shawn❤Quit❤03-17-2012 1263 days ago

Great Job, Congratulations Karen on 256 days! I'm sure you will be ok. Always protect your quit! (*:*)

jojo 2-24-11 1263 days ago

thanks everyone, and congrats to nyima

i will be in new jersery, thats where i hail from and thats where what is left of my family is,

i live in iran right now but hoping to be able to repatriat soon

and i have a one way ticket for now, don't know how long i will be there

karen lane 1263 days ago

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