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May 21, 2012 Comments (7)

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i am fifty five days smoke free. and i feel absolutely wonderful. i went to the doc last week and my blood pressure is finally within normal limits but ill be on meds for a lil while longer. i can finally jog and not be gasping for air. wow. before my accident i exercised three times a day and was able to do it without getting tired or winded. i am still having bad urges and cravings and im still on the twenty one mg nicoderm patch, four mg nicotine gum and welbutrin as well. but im fighting this and i know i have god, my childre and husband and people from this site to help me as i help myself. to those who have helped me thank you and may god bless you.

Comments (7)

Congrats on 55 days! If you haven't already - please do the reading (see below) in order to not have to "fight" anything! Also - so that you can work out a plan to get past the nicotine. Keep staying close! Congrats again! 

Please read: Allen Carr's book - free download: http://joga.365.lt/Allen-Carr_Easy-Way-To-Stop-Smoking_Download-free-PDF-EBook and the free course at- 

Strudel 1705 days ago

that allen carr book is good. It should help. Also it will help when that nicotine is OUT of your system. Then the cravings and urges will lessen alot. 

Marcie_free_since_4-4-11 1705 days ago

The cravings and urges are coming from the patch and the nicotine gum.  After 55 days are you ready for freedom?  Only when you're without nicotine will you feel relief from the cravings.  As long as you have nicotine in your system, you'll crave.  Others have been here and made the choice to get off the nicotine replacements and found they finally had the freedom they were seeking.

Get educated at whyquit.com and quitsmokinonline.com.  55 days is a long time to be "fighting".  It doesn't have to be that way.

Bonnie11.3.2009 1705 days ago

Hi Kim.

Big Congrats on 55 Days!!!!

I started with the 14 mg patch and used it for 2 weeks. I had two 14mg patches leftover from previous attempts which I cut in half for 4 additional days. Then i went to the 7 mg for the final 2 weeks. (Total of 32 days.) I know the patch program suggests longer than I did although Bonnie is right in that it isn't until you are nicotine free, that you start to feel complete freedom. In saying that, I am still thankful I chose the patch as it was a great help to me. Again, Congrats!!! :-)

SmokedOut_QUIT_04-14-2012 1705 days ago

HI Kim! so Im on here, I didnt know you were in an accident! Why didnt you tell me!!!

anyway, congrats girl, this is huge for you! A major milestone! 

keep reading those books girl, and keep your faith!



mamabear5 1701 days ago

Wow...congratulations! That's awesome...I am about five weeks into my quit. I used the gum for the first two weeks and still had a lot of tension. I read the Carr book and it changed everything. I went off of all nicotine on the 3rd of May and things are changing quickly. I am losing all the cravings and feeling free. 

  Whatever is working for you, congratulations. I hope you are well. Stay strong...You can do it! Keep the faith! Have a blessed day, Emily 

freedomfromthis 1700 days ago

Congrats on day 55.Keep up the good work.The Carr book was a big help.Sorry I don't have any advice on the nicotine replacements, I went cold turkey. This is day 107 for me. N.O.P.E. Protect your quit no matter what!!!!! 

Anthony-A-Morton 1696 days ago

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