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eric l posted a comment on this blog post | being real
Thanks nancy.  Im phys at work but Im becoming more aware its not the same as dedicating a half hr to walking
(3 minutes ago)

Youngatheart (7.4.12) posted a comment on this blog post | being real
I second Sparky's thoughts.  Do you exercise?  I find it clears the mind, and gives you the hit of dopamine you are missing.  Or singing/dancing to your favorite music (like no one...
(27 minutes ago)

Giulia posted a comment on this blog post | listening to the rain, chasing a storm. sometimes it's like fireworks with the oooohs and the ahhhh's
Well that's a fun site.  And here's something I just stumbled upon to beat a 3 minute craving: Project Yosemite
(32 minutes ago)


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