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60 Days Nicotine/Smoke Free

February 24, 2010 Comments (10)

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Good Gosh Amighity!! Who would of thought it, 2 months Nicotine/Smoke free! I know a few folks, friends and family who would tell you you've got the wrong James. But as advid a smoker as I was , as of today I am just as advid a happy non-smoker. I always had problems with the whole idea of quitting, I thought I loved everythig about them, wow how misled was I in thinking that.

What I've had on my mind this am is the time factor, I made sure I had time to smoke regardless of what was going on, no matter what or where, If I flew I knew exactly where and how far and how much time I had to smoke so much so the whole joy of the trip was lost.  A movie, can't even remember anything about it because I was thinking of a cigarette, Church? quit going, dwelled on smoking, could'nt even tell you what the preacher said cause I was wanting a cigarette!, If I paid my respects at a funeral home , I knew where the smokers were and usually had an excuse to not go to the actual funeral cause that might cut in to my smoking, I know does this guy have a heart? Yes very big , cry at Halmark Commercials but just don't get in the way of the smokes, I've actually stayed home If there was a dinner party /invite  of any kind and you could'nt smoke at the persons house. Put unnecessary miles and burned gas so I could smoke in my car cause someone offered theirs but could'nt smoke in their car. My entire life was revolved around smoking!!!! Think about it!! I know I'm not alone! Crazy!!!

Good Gosh Amighty!!! What was I thinking,,, sick and pityful but very true, I have missed so much and lost out on seeing great nephews cause my neice did'nt allow smoking at her house and I did'nt think I could stand it.. It was all about my comfortable place to smoke,, I never even did the don't smoke in the house thing, I smoked  regardless new paint expensive furniture or my very first apartment with no furniture, I was going to please the smoker in me, and sometimes was very verbal about non smoking houses and cars etc.

One more thing,,,, gave up passed up good jobs because you could'nt smoke on the property!!! Crazy!


I'm 51 all you young folks, don't wake up too late.

Ok guys 2 mo's today I'm outta here for today, I got some livin to do!! WOW!!!

Thanks for all your great insightful blogs


Comments (10)

Hey James, LOVED your blog. I know exactly how you feel. I was the same way. I would rearrange my life to smoke!!! It was always in the back of my mind. I am so proud of you and myself that we can dwell on lovely things now and not nasty old cigarettes! Day 60 is GREAT! You have been so supportive and helpful to me. Thanks! And I enjoy reading your inspirational posts. Stay strong and have a fabulous day! Annie.....24 days SMOKE FREE!!!

annie36 2523 days ago

Great post!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Steve80 2523 days ago

My man!! Once again brother, you hit it. Unbelievable how we rearrange, plan, sturcture our lives around smoking. I'm starting to feel such a freedom now that I don't have to have one before my shower, a quick one before I leave the house, and a stop at the Quiki Mart real quick to have one in the parking lot because I was going somewhere where there weren't going to be any smokers!!!  Still can't believe how hard the addiction holds you and how hard it works to keep you there. I'm right in the middle of a moderate craving right now and I can still see how ridiculous my behavior used to be, and it's helping me breathe through it. James, you're my idol in all of this man, thank you soooooo much!!!!

peace & prayers,


johnnyp 2523 days ago

James: yes you have stated the madness of the addiction so clearly.

I have been cold turkey clean over 90 days. I am enjoying the success and the freedom so much more than I ever imagined I would or could.

This is the me I have been missing out knowing. This is the me who was thrown under the bus for tobacco.

My next me step is getting my teeth cleaned. Then I hope to have nice pearly white teeth instead of this stained reminder of that bygone time of life.

I never want to go there ever again. There is so much to know and learn about life clean of that mess.

Congratulations to you.

Bon Voyage.

Freebreath 2523 days ago

James-60 days is precious!  Way to go!

Bonnie11.3.2009 2523 days ago

no more cig. worship, I love it James. Congrats on your 60 day milestone!!! so very happy & proud of you.

miriam4 2522 days ago

Good for you - your blog made alot of sense many of us limited our experiences because of smoking.  My husband works at a hospital ( counselor) and said he has made new nonsmoking friends.  I am a social worker and know that the nurses and social workers at my clinic are always outside smoking.  I refuse to be out there any more - and have not despite my relapses - smoked at work .  I am almost done James - keep me in your prayers and thank you !  

bridget5 2522 days ago

woooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn4 2522 days ago

woooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn4 2522 days ago

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