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39 Days Nicotine free

February 3, 2010 Comments (10)

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Thankful to be a non smoker, I think of it so little , not at all really unless dealing directly with it like here, or directly confronted with it. But sometimes it seems so peaceful I fear the other shoe is about to drop, any folks with some real time behind them that can give me some insight on this feeling?

Thanks for your insightful blogs


Comments (10)

its up to you James.


dpesn't have to be.


its always a choice



3 years

jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 2543 days ago

Congrats on Day 39, James. It's 204 days for me. After I quit I also wondered when the other shoe would drop and it never did. I'm no expert but I believe that feeling is part of letting go of the habit of smoking. I never think of it at all, either unless I'm out here on this site. The few tiny cravings that I still get last a nano-second and they are gone. Kepp up the good work!

Anacondahead 2543 days ago

I'm only on day 4, but already feel calmer. Anxious is not a normal state of mind. Being calm & relaxed is something I rarely felt while smoking. Enjoy the peace!

mare5 2543 days ago

I think that feeling is common with most things in our life .  When things are going really well for some reason we get fearful, that like you said the other shoe is going to drop.   No worries, you are doing great and will continue to.  You have seen so many wonderful benefits from quitting in your health and well being that you are certain to continue to be successful.   Stay the course, which I know you will, and you'll be fine.  All the Best, Mary

Mary84 2543 days ago

Hi James,

  The only time I ever think about smoking anymore is when I'm on  this website. Just remember that you are the one in control. The other shoe wont drop (in this case) if you don't let it. By now you are not thinking about it much anymore. Now you can move on and enjoy the rest of your smoke free life. Congratulations! 

Breakinthechains 2543 days ago

James, you are a few days ahead of me, but we're in the same place with the Quit.  After 3 pks a day for over 40 years, this is seeming pretty easy.  Maybe it's the level of commitment - may be this website - whatever, it's never been like this for me in previous "quits".  I am totally committed to a non smoking life.  Best wishes and congratulations!

Judy41 2543 days ago

The other shoe has been dropping on me for 20 years. Difference this time is that I finally took the time to learn why. It's that one puff. Like jonescarp says, "Just keep it away from your face." The one puff has been sabotaging me all this time because I think it won't hurt me now that I know I can quit. I am slow, obviously. It's so much easier to avoid that puff than to Quit again. It's so much better to celebrate your independence from Ole Nic than to feel like you're missing something. That's all I got. 

maynell 2543 days ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes......................"the other shoe syndrome".................well, what if?  the other shoe DOES drop....

and it drops straight into a vat of Godiva dark chocolate.

and as you lean over to fish it out a giant whale swallows you whole.

inside the whale are gold and precious jewels as none have ever imagined.

and as you reach for the most beautiful gem,  it transforms into an orb of pure love.

you are engulfed with it's warmth ....

so about this shoe thang.......????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn4 2543 days ago

and btw:  congratulations on 39 days smoke free, bro!

Dawn4 2543 days ago

It won't happen, your in control now. Take that power and use it wisely. Think about what you went thru just to get this far. It was the hardest thing you did.

Take care!

P.S. Remember we are all human. Take the mistakes as they come.

Wise60 2536 days ago

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