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May 18, 2014 Comments (27)

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A few weeks ago, I got into a discussion with some of the members here at BecomeAnEx about my choice method of quitting smoking. That discussion blew up a bit, and it ended with my account becoming disabled for a period of time. 

I'm writing this post because after emailing the administrators, the situation was reviewed, and my ban was lifted. I am very appreciative to them for lifting the ban, and I don't know that I'm going to spend a lot of time here, because my choice method of quitting isn't exactly "loved" at this site. Still, I wanted to come back here and write a quick post to say that I am still smoke-free. It's been 51 days, and I'm proud of that accomplishment. 

My choice method is electronic cigarettes. BecomeAnEx lists e-cigs as an alternative method to quitting smoking. It's on the same page as hypnosis and some other methods of quitting. On that page, it directs you that FDA approved medications are the best way to quit, and I'm not here to refute that claim at all. I think every person is different. I think if you were able to quit using the cold turkey method, or the patch, or Chantix, that's great. However, none of those methods were ever "forever" quit methods for me. I only smoked for seven years, and I lost count of the number of times I tried to quit. This is the longest time I've stayed smoke-free. 

I think every person has to do what's right for them. I'm more than happy to talk to anyone who has questions about e-cigs. However, I'm not here to debate their usefulness, or whether or not what I've done is "actually" quit smoking. There are many negative opinions on e-cigs here at this site. I do know what works for me, and if it can help one other person, I'm happy to tell that person what I know, if they want to know. 

For now, I know that I'm breathing better than I have in years. I sleep soundly at night, and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day...even before my alarm goes off. I have no cravings whatsoever, and I'm able to exercise again. I don't cough anymore, and I certainly don't stink anymore. Actually, right now, if I smell like anything, it's chocolate banana (the juice I'm vaping). 

I am very happy that this is working for me, and I'm excited to celebrate 51 days smoke free. 


Comments (27)

I am sorry that someone chose to banish you! I believe that we should be able to have an honest discussion about anything here! Since I was not part of that conversation, I don't know who said what! I do know that we should be able to disagree without being disagreeable! And that goes for all parties involved!

Congrats on quitting smoking! I hope that you will be able to break the nicotine addiction as well! That is important! The addiction is the invitation to ride the smoking horse that keeps stopping by! Keep you feet on the ground, and keep moving forward! Tommy

pir8fan 978 days ago

Thank you so much, Tommy. That means a lot to me. 

I know I'm going to keep stepping down in the nic, and eventually I'll be at zero. It's a process, of course. I do know it's working, and my improved health is the proof of that. :)

ncolwell 978 days ago

I can't comment on your choice because I don't know much about it, I chose 'cold turkey ', it's a process, with at the moment less good days than bad but I'm determined and willing!

I can, however, wish you all the best in your journey :)

linda.mustafa 978 days ago

Thank-you for posting this. I don't think you should have been banned either. I believe e-cigs are a healthier way for some people to quit. I know my son is vaping and has all his own equipment as, he says, this is safer. My quit date is tomorrow and I'm choosing the patch which has worked in the past even though I will admit it is hard. I didn't do well with e-cigs.

51 days is great and I hope you continue this time


constanceclum 978 days ago

Sorry you were banned.... but sounds like you are selling e-cigs.  I appreciate that you want to continue to smoke ... using e-cigs. Because they do not present "smoke" you have bought into the big  lie. Just like I bought into the big lie about "light" cigs being better for me but in fact because I had to draw on the cig much harder was actually more dangerous to me. 

I appreciate YOUR choice.... just hate that your freedom to speak might convince others to follow into believing that just because smoke is not visable that they are "smoke free" and again sounds lie you are recruiting newbies. 

Good luck to you... I wish you the best. 

linda258 977 days ago

Thank you, Connie! I wish you the best of luck in your quit, and I appreciate the support with mine. :)

ncolwell 977 days ago

Linda, those are your opinions. I assure you, I am not "selling" e-cigs. Like many other people here, I'm simply writing about what has worked for me. I also don't have a need or intention to recruit anyone. I'm just excited about what has worked for me, and want to share it. That's all. It seems like it's taken me a long time to get to this point, and now that I'm here, I'm very happy. 

ncolwell 977 days ago

Are you going to ever stop using nicotine? It's been over 7 months and I was just wondering if you were.

Promise_Judy621_8-28-13 977 days ago

Hi, Judy. I actually have only been smoke free for 52 days. I started smoking again back in October/November when my husband bought a pack after I had a miscarriage. The stress was unbelievable, but I know now that it still was not an excuse to smoke. There are always going to be stressful situations, and it's up to me to find other ways to deal with them. 

I'm stepping down in the nicotine, and plan to be completely nic-free within a few months. 

ncolwell 977 days ago

That sounds good that you are planning to stop nicotine in a few months. In the meatime just make sure you read alot about nicotine addiction because that is the best things you can do for yourself while you are stepping down.

Promise_Judy621_8-28-13 977 days ago

I've read a TON of stuff, and I'm constantly looking for new information. I honestly think that more than half the battle lies in getting rid of the "other" stuff that's in cigarettes, which is why NRT works for some people. This is just my opinion, but I don't believe that nicotine is the most addictive thing in cigarettes. If that's true, and I'm right, anyone who uses NRT and is doing well on it has already won half the battle. 

ncolwell 977 days ago

Well then people who chew tobacco should be able to just quit. Or maybe people who vamp,chew nicotine gum, or lozengers shouldn't have a problem quitting them, but some do.

Promise_Judy621_8-28-13 977 days ago

BecomeAnEx lists e-cigs as an alternative method to quitting smoking. It's on the same page as hypnosis and some other methods of quitting. 

BTW hypnosis is ineffective also!

Thomas3.20.2010 977 days ago

Thomas, I'll look at those links. However, I think hypnosis DOES work for some people, just like cold turkey works for some people Everyone is different, and how they quit is different. I think everyone needs to find what works for them, and go after it. 

ncolwell 977 days ago

You really seem to be at it again though...  I don't understand why you would want to do that.   There's a page on Facebook that people who Vap seem like and relate well, may be you're better off there. 

The idea and goal here is to be free of nicotine once and for all as well as to unlearn the hand to mouth behavior of smoking.  You seem to be looking for validation on somehing which a lot of us who are new into our quit are learning to undo.  My fear is that someone new will come onto this site, see your blog at a weak moment, pick up an e-cig and then perhaps back onto the real thing all because of what you choose and need to believe is right when it isn't.

You are still addicted to Nicotine, that is the bottom line. 

Again, I just pray that you didn't catch someone when they were ready to cry for help and read your blog instead.  That would be horrible.  Personally I couldn't live with myself if I thought I ruined someone's life quit.


Courage 977 days ago

I am sorry you are in denial.... it is obvious that you have and will continue to convice yourself that you do not smoke.    I can understand why you may have been ban in the beginning because it does appear that you encourage people to use e-cigs and everyone knows how difficult it is to quit and do not want to see people coming here to get help only to be told by others information that actually will harm them. 

You have the freedom to say what you want.   I have the freedom to say that the information and encouragement you are giving others is unfounded.  Perhaps I might feel differently if you had actually stopped smoking using this method... but after looking at your blogs and with you being on this site starting over 200 days ago ... I would say your success rate ... is ZERO! 

linda258 977 days ago

Actually my success rate is 52 days, and still going. 

You would have had more information about my situation if Courage hadn't reported me to the Admins, which resulted in my background blog post being removed. Perhaps I came back to prove that the Admins at BecomeAnEx didn't truly feel that I did anything wrong. I don't believe I did either, except that I had a viewpoint that differed from what other people thought. 

I would encourage anyone who wants more information to visit www.casaa.org. There is a lot of great info there, and it's not biased like much of what you may find from the other media outlets. 

Anyway, I'm not here to fight for my right to vape, nor am I here to convince anyone else to vape. The fact is, I haven't lit a cigarette in 52 days, nor do I intend to. The very thought makes me sick to my stomach. I'm happy about feeling that way. I haven't felt that way in years. For me, that's a positive change, and I know there will come a day (soon) when I won't need nicotine at all. I might continue to vape 0mg nicotine, I might not. It's my choice.

ncolwell 977 days ago

Wow rough crowd... There is not enough proof to judge...however you can go down in vape just like patches... So maybe we should not support those who use patches now?..I do not say much here...but this lack of support is disgusting....many experts as well!

Family-First 977 days ago

Family First - I agree. It's probably the reason why I won't stick around for very long. There really isn't much support here for someone like me. However, I know what's working for me, and I can tell by the way that I feel that it's much different than smoking. I hope people will follow that link I posted and get a little more understanding, if they really want to. 

I DO find your comment supportive, and I thank you. :)

ncolwell 977 days ago

Excuse me, I did not report you.  I wouldn't even know how I'm so new to this site.  Now I'll find out how to report you since you accused me of something I didn't do. 

You're a foolish young woman and clearly a trouble maker. 

Courage 977 days ago

Courage, it's possible that I've mistaken you for someone else. Obviously that was my mistake, and I apologize. 

I promise you that I am not a trouble maker. I'm just someone who probably shouldn't be on a quit smoking site talking about my quitting method with people who don't agree with me. I think Family First has an excellent point. There are a lot of judgemental people here. 

Since I've been back, I've never visited anyone's blog who had written about a success in their quit and said, "Yay! Good for you. You quit using (insert method here). However, that method probably won't work, so you should try e-cigs." I have not done that, nor would I. THAT sounds like something a troublemaker would say. I have visited blogs and said, "Way to go! Good job!" I know e-cigs aren't the only way to quit for everyone, and some people haven't had as much success with them as I have. Still, this is MY quit. I'm only sharing about MY quit. 

I don't understand the hostility toward e-cigs. Maybe I never will. 

Again, Courage, I do apologize. If you feel you need to report me, I'll deal with that. I don't feel as though I've said anything wrong, other than falsely accusing you, which I should not have done. Even so, if you want to report me, I can't stop you. 

ncolwell 977 days ago

Am I missing the name...see no accusation here???

Family-First 977 days ago

It was Courage. I do believe I confused her with someone else. Probably because she commented on the post that got deleted.

ncolwell 977 days ago

Ahhh...thanks...mistakes happen...:)

Family-First 977 days ago

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