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February 10, 2014 Comments (7)

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Smoking Was Our Whole Life.

Smoking Was Our Pacifier Or Reward For All Feelings

Quitting Is Eye Opening

Quitting Can Be Shocking

You Cannot Quit For Someone Else. You Cannot Make A Deal With Another Addict, Only Yourself

Once Your Eyes Are Opened You May Be On A Collision Course With Problems You've Denied.

You Can Handle ANYTHING without smoking that you did with smoking.

Why Are You Quitting? Is It Worth It? Are You Worth It?

You Might Ask Yourself These Questions To The Best Of Your Ability Before You Jump Off.


Life Is Nothing But Change.

We Cannot Control Life Or Many Of These Changes Whether We Are Smokers Or Not.

Smoking Is Denial.

Smoking Is Acceptance.

Smoking Is Relinquishing Your Ability To Change.

Smoking Is Being Stuck.

I Am Convinced The Reason Many Go Back To Smoking Isn't Motivated Only By The Drug But Just As Much Because They Simply Cannot Handle Change. SMOKING PREVENTS CHANGE.

The Real Truth Is Nicotine Is A Cruel Master And Smoking Will Kill You.

Will you be sitting back smoking your cigarette, never knowing what could have been?

Are You Ready?


Comments (7)

This says it all Dale.

"You can't change anything until you change your mind". 

Change can be a bitch but it's whole lot better than digging a ditch. 

KLV 983 days ago

Great Post. Thanks for the words of wisdom.


Promise Judy621 (8-28-13) 983 days ago

profound and so true. 5 stars for this post. this will surely help if I have a hard time. I will come back to this again. thanks ! P.S. I am quit 31 days today !!!! tomorrow I can say I quit OVER a month ago because Dale warned me about NML and to be preapred and he is wise...LOL

Ladybug 983 days ago

Thanks, I love reading your posts they keep me grounded, and postive, knowing I can make it, and will. Thanks Helen, keep up the great posts.

helenb208 983 days ago

So tired of being stuck!!! That is exactly how I have been feeling! I only want one Master and nicotine aint it!!! I am glad that you are still here and posting and you can say what ever I need to hear!!! When people don't want to hear that is when they don't like what you are saying...when it hits too close to the bone. When it is exactly what we need to hear. I only pray that my ears are always open!!!

Snowdog 977 days ago

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Fear of the unknown is the seed of deception. If someone has a knife to your throat, you have a right to be fearful. If that someone is you, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND'S DIRECTION.

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