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Day 2 - Morning

September 10, 2013 Comments (7)

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Am listening to a little German radio to remind me of what is now my new home country :) Also, Germany is going to the polls on 22nd September, and I won't be there, so I want to keep up with what is happening. I listen to www.dradio.de if anyone is interested.

Today I feel incredibly clear - no noticeable withdrawal symptoms other than the obvious feeling of excess energy and alertness, and although I've had a bit of trouble sleeping, I know it is going to get better in a few days so I don't mind. I'm feeling confident about my quit!

What worries me is that these are the times when it is easiest to lie to myself - "Oh, well, this doesn't feel so bad... maybe I can just have a little bit, just one puff... not now, but maybe some day in the future" In fact, my quit is most at risk at the 7 day point! Weird, since that is when you are supposed to be at least risk..

How do you guys manage confidence to ensure it doesn't turn into OVERconfidence? My goal is to make sure that this site remains a part of my life as long as possible, but what else can I do?


Comments (7)

You're in Germany?  No wonder it's so quiet on your blog! :)  The time difference is 9 hours, right?

Confidence isn't bad.  It's cockiness that will get you.  Great job getting through day 2.  :)  As far as the day 7 thing, you might have milestone craves...

I am a celebration person...everything must be marked and tagged....that meant smoking was a huge part of getting past hurdles and celebrating achievements.

My biggest and hardest times were during those, so I had to really step up and address that particular issue.

Nice day 2....Keep it up!

Misty_Dawn_Quit_Date_07-29-10 1230 days ago

Good morning Sara. Stay strong!!! You are taking a journey to wonderful freedom! One day at a time ok? Don't worry about tomorrow until tomorrow - just get through this day for now. You're doing great! Still reading Allen Carr?

Michwoman 1230 days ago

Confidence + Vigilance at this point. Later when you feel more assured your vigilance can change into awareness. We use the phrase N.E.F. = Never Ever Forget!

Thomas3.20.2010 1230 days ago

Congrats on day 2.   Don't look at day 7 yet, do each day as it's own day.       I think there is a fine line between confidence and OVERconfidence if you are a person that questions yourself.   I used to be that way, and then I would question and doubt my confidence so I would pour on even more (on the outside, not the inside) and that looked to others like I was overly sure of myself.    It really was me feeling inadequate.    Live each day to the fullest, don't worry about tomorrow.   Recognize you have the abilities you need to succeed AND you (like the rest of us) are suseptable to triggers and craves.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.     (not sure who said that but I like it)


smorgy8513 1230 days ago

Congratulations on Day 2! Keep it up! I agree with not looking at Day 7 yet. Look at each day as you do it. Keep in your head you want this!

DebiD 1230 days ago

Hey everyone!

Wondering what happned to the message I posted here earlier... it seems to have disappeared! 

Well, I'll be back later to reply properly to everyone again but mostly it can be summarised with lots of thanks yous. I am reading Allen Carr - I've read the whole thing but I turn to it when I feel my resolve is weakening, and I remember that I made a *decision* to quit and that I feel proud of myself for doing so. 

I'll definitely pay attention, try not to be cocky and remain vigilant - and I'll also focus on each day at a time. After all, I'm preparing for success. It's also great to have you all here and commenting - I feel as though I am surrounded by people who care! Thank you to each of you for taking time out to encourage me - I know you're playing a huge role in me staying quit and I really appreciate it

Sarai 1230 days ago

Conrats on day 2. Take it one day at a time and don't over think it. Just wake each day with a new resolve that "Today" I will not smoke.

Remember this!!! The withdrawals will go away even if the "desire" for just one smoke never goes away.

Marilyn_marmac_07-31-13 1230 days ago

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