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Married to my sweetheart since 1980 and we have to awesome sons, one married with a beautiful grandson.

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Candylance 11♥2♥15 wrote a new blog post titled The Day Before the Big Bad Month
Up most all of the night!! Just can't get the SLEEP thing right. I was running around at 2-3:30 AM saying "Good Morning" to all the sleepy people in the EX Community!! Maybe I...
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Mag10Q posted a comment on this blog post | Tuesday's Freedom Train ~~Jazzy 600 & JoeDice 50!
Thanks Shawn I am aboard with 868 Days of Freedom Congratulations to all riding with their great quits  from 1...............................thousands Mag
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25 days!

June 23, 2013 Comments (4)

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I am so happy today, the sun is out and I am still not smoking. This site has really helped me. I read more than I post, but feels good to know I can come here anytime to reboost myself if I am feeling 'urge to smoke'. Actually I have hardley had any thoughts of smoking at all the past 4-5 days. Thats a first for me!

I am still doing this cold turkey. Eating lots fresh fruit daily and so far no weight gain at all. In fact I have stayed so busy, I think I have lost some weight.

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone. N.O.P.E.

Comments (4)

Wow - Good for you!

Congratulations - you ROCK!


Quit 7/4/12

Youngatheart (7.4.12) 891 days ago

congrats on 25 days. 'keep staying strong!!!!!

tracyb316 891 days ago

Congradulations on 25 days.  Keep up the great attitude.

ret 891 days ago

I cant wait til I reach my 25 day of not smoking! Congrats, keep up the hard work!

morganlove247 891 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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