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This is the forever quit that I have dreamed of ! I have wanted to quit for so long - and I have made several attempts in the past. This time - I feel so accomplished. I am so proud of myself and... Read More

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Family photo albums are definitely a time-consuming labor of love. I'll bet your wife is going to be pretty impressed with your efforts. You are a good man, Thomas. And this is an...
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Really impressive attitude for 80 days in. You are doing an awesome job of figuring this whole quitting thing out. (I think I was a little more stubborn, and therefore slower to let go of a negative...
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37 days Nicotine and Smoke Free

June 9, 2011 Comments (16)

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37 days isn't exactly a 'milestone' number I know.  The thing is - I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm doing this with zero nicotine. 

I quit cold turkey at 8pm on May 2  and didn't use anything for NRT.  In the past I have used the patch and felt it was a really great method.  ..............it wasn't until I gave THIS method a try ..that I realized ummmm...maybe NRT wasn't such a great method after all!  My quit routine went something like this:  Put on a patch the morning of my quit.  make it usually a week or two - then start playing games with the quit. 

"I can still have my morning cig, put the patch on for the rest of the day - that's only a pack every three weeks"

"I can still have my mornin cig , and that cig I like to have after dinner - then put the patch back on - that's only a pack of cigs every 2 weeks or so "

and so on ............it was a stupid game and it always led to "that's only one pack of cigarettes a day" !!!

Not this time - there is NO nicotine in my system and I'll be damned if I'm going to mess that up!

Thanks for letting me blow my own horn, pat my own back and just generally spread my personal pride and joy!


Comments (16)

Every day not smoking is a day to be celebrated Alice!

In my previous attempts I did the same as you and with the patch. I sure was fooling myself!

NRT or no, this time is different because this you mean to stay quit  - once and forever! It feels different doesn't it? Go ahead - toot your own horn. You deserve it!

Congrats on 37 wonderful smoke free days! Protect it and keep going and going and going........!

Maggie (quit 8-1-2010) 1818 days ago

your completely right ...

but for some people (like me) i needed the patch to help me with the withdraws... i got them so bad... i had bronchial spasms and nausea..it was very very painful... oh yeah i also got fever blisters on my tongue.. it was horrible...

i was very scared of the patches cause i knew a lady who had a heart attack and died a couple of years ago because she was playing those games .. smoking and putting a patch on .. she thought it would help her quit.. well patches dont help you quit.. they help you get through the withdraws only,,, you have to deal with the mental issues...

congrats on 37 days ... protect that quit ...

newlife 1818 days ago

Congratulations Alice -- Job well done!!  I identify with your patch experience.  My long-term quitting was done cold turkey.  Yes, you don't want to mess up a cold turkey quit with nicotine.

Sheryl -- Quit 11-11-2008 1818 days ago

 i did the same thing u did. two or three weeks tops or  a few days here and there til i saw my neighbor having one outside. I would want to associate with them and feel left out? or pity for self! then i would bum a smoke ,since i tried very hard not to purchase them& then i would get embarrassed by bumming them, go buy them and give the neighbor back the few i would bum~ and the cycle would start over and over.... `guilt, embarrassment, feeling left out, anxious, etc. Just not worth it. then the burning lungs and shortness of breath! Tehn at times i would buy a pcak (maybe a coupon would come in the mail) and smoke a few, give the pack away to a total stranger at the bus stop anlong with all the lighters i had in my purse at the tiem and swear off them over and over. I gave a way so much $$ lst year the neighbors started lookining for me at the bus stop! One lady ( a homeless) got used to it!

violet 1818 days ago

EVERY smoke-free day is a milestone!!!!!  Great job!!!!!!

Mothergoose9 (Connie) 1818 days ago

you're doing agreat job and doesn't it feel so good that you have control of your life back?

jojo 2-24-11 1817 days ago

Good thing I read the comments.     Connie took the words right  out of my hands.  LOL    Congratulations

Jawidge 1817 days ago

Thank you everyone :) 

Life is a process - every step along the way builds on the steps we've already taken - so even past slips - experiments and successes are all a part of who we're becoming - happy , healthy, smoke FREE individuals...37 days are nice even measured steps and I like this pace a LOT!

Thanks for sharing this path with me and allowing me to travel with you

Have a beautiful day

Alice 1817 days ago

Congratulations Alice!  I think you have a wonderful attitide and sense of humor...both will take you a long way and help others to boot!

Julia Amy 1817 days ago

Way to go Alice!!! Congrats!

Strudel 1817 days ago

congrats, and the group is right, every day is a milestone to celebrate!

Sarah (March 2011) 1817 days ago

Good Job on your quit and for me every day without a cigarette is a milestone.  Just keep N.O.P.E.  Have agreat  smoke free day.

Froguelady (quit 3-16-11) 1817 days ago

Awesome job! I've stopped smoking 4 days ago cold turkey and its an inspiration to see someone else do it and being so successful. Keep it up, I'll be rooting for you!

onie1985 1817 days ago

Rooting for you onie - you can do this :) 

4 days  ....woohooo....you're through the worst of it ( in my opinion) now just keep on walking away from those cravings!!!

Alice 1817 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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