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cheyenne posted a comment on this blog post | Nicodemon, the addictive voice, or whatever name it goes by doesn't stop trying
Can you believe it Ellen, it's been a lonnnng time since I've had a day WON....and Jackie I will keep that in mind when it becomes too much....Thanks ladies
(just now)

cheyenne posted a comment on this blog post | Pulmonary rehab...and silliness that followed
OMG Ellen, thank goodness u are strong with ur quit, that would have been some bad luck for a newbie.  Finding the avocado on the other hand, now that was very good luck!!  What a crazy...
(4 minutes ago)

elvan posted on Uniquebyd's message board (9 minutes ago)


Checking in at 45 days smoke free

January 14, 2011 Comments (7)

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Hi all,

Today I have 45 days under my belt and I feel wonderful. Cough is completely gone, I smell like perfume instead of that nasty cigarette smell, I have some of my breath back, I can actually run on the treadmill and walk up a flight of stairs without feeling so out of breath, I have NOT gained any weight, I have actually lost about 4 pounds, and most interesting.... I feel so calm. I very seldom think about smoking and I can honestly say that the cravings are very few and far between. If I continue to feel like this, I think I might I have this thing licked. I don't want to get over confident, but I have never felt this good when I have quit in the past.

To all of you just newly quit, hang in there, it does get better.  Be strong...don't smoke.

Comments (7)

Wow, 45 days and you feel like this!! Terrific! I have 30 days tomorrow and don't feel the least bit confident about it.

I"m happy for you! Maybe another 15 days is all I need....

Lynette 1959 days ago

Keep going and going and going! You are doing great!image

Maggie (quit 8-1-2010) 1959 days ago

Congratulations Pam on 45 days smokefree!


Laurie 1959 days ago


Thomas(3-20-2010) 1958 days ago

Pam - Hooary for you! Congrats on 45 days and on sounding so great!!

Strudel 1958 days ago

Pam, thats great !  Congratulations

Jawidge 1958 days ago

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