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Phyllis 7-12-2013

Brief description: KISS, N.O.P.E & H.A.L.T


Interests: , , , ,



Mobile phone: I am one puff away from a fullblown relapse of my addiction to nicotine.

Website: Elders on EX List for Newbies http://community.becomeanex.org/pg/blog/read/7530430/elders-list-ao-july-14-2014

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About me

I am 57 years old, did not smoke my 1st cig untill I was 21, I was a new bride and thought it would be one more thing I could share with hubby. Never could keep up with his alcohol intake but boy did I master the smoking. After 13 years I decided I didn't want to smoke anymore and quit for about 6 months. Instead of leaving a mentally and verbally abusive man I picked up the smoking again. It didn't help....after 13 years and 3 kids I got divorced. Tried quitting numerous times but never stuck it out. Both of my sons smoke, my daughter doesn't but she suffers from asthma and frequent bronchitis. Did my smoking cause that? I hate to think so.

Educating ourselves about our addiction is the key to success.



Allan Carrs book





quitsmokingonline.com---a 10 step course :-)




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