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Cory quit 3-10-13

Brief description: I am finally free, one day at a time!photo 032_zps7e7a9359.jpg

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Contact email:
Countup Clocks, Funny Countups at WishAFriend.com">
Countup Clocks, Funny Countups at WishAFriend.com

Telephone: FEAR=False Events Appearing Real. Please don't be afraid to try. Trying to quit never killed anyone, smoking does.

Mobile phone: ♥New Hope, New Happiness, New Life♥

Website: http://dogtrainermom.tumblr.com/

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About me

I am a REAL housewife to my mostly wonderful husband and the mother of two sweet and saucy little girls.  I started smoking when I was 15 years old and I quit when I was 34 years old, on March 10 of 2013.  In May I celebrated my first smokefree birthday in nineteen years. I had convinced myself that I would die of cancer from smoking because I didn't think I'd be able to quit, I'd tried so many times, but I would always relapse within the first week of quitting. I felt like a fool, but I was just uneducated about addiction. Of course I could quit, I just needed to learn all about nicotine addiction first and have the support of a site like becomeanex.org.

If I can quit smoking, anyone can.  I was a dedicated smoker who thought I couldn't be happy without a cigarette.  I mean seriously, at the age of 34 I had convinced myself that I would eventually die of cancer! What kind of a life is that?  I am relearning life without them and I have moments where I am happier than I ever was when I smoked. The nicotine haze is slowly clearing and the craves are diminishing more and more. The urge to smoke has now become laughable and boy oh boy do I enjoy laughing those craves off when they come! I never thought I'd be able to do that, but I do it now! I am an EX smoker and damn it, it feels wonderful! I have come such a long way in my thinking about myself. I am more capable than I ever thought possible and all nicotine ever did was stop me from fulfilling my true potential. I am finally FREE! It took some discomfort, but I got here and I'm not leaving! This is the NEW ME! I am just the same as the old me, except I don't smoke cigarettes and I feel better about my physical, emotional, and mental health. Phew! I feel like I just dropped a huge burden, oh yeah, I totally did! YES!

Freedom from nicotine is possible. Do the work and make it happen. This site is a good place to start. I also spent a lot of time on whyquit.com during the tough days. I transferred my addiction to cigarettes to Joel Spitzer's lips! I swear I fell in love with that man! He has helped me so much with his videos. I still hang out there sometimes and watch videos and read when I am having a tough moment.

~You gotta do some cocooning to be a butterfly~





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