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Brief description: I am an addict. I am an addict. I can never change the fact. But, I have a choice now - and I choose life. I gave up my quit when I was close to 8 months, I gave it up for three cigarettes. Did they make me feel better? Hell no.....................in fact, I am still berating myself nearly a month later. When it is time, when it is really time, it will matter to you. You will do all of your reading, you will reach out, you will change your habits, you will be the most determined you have been in you whole life (but not as determined as you will become). Blossom, grow, live, learn, think about that climb with your grandchildren some day, about that hike with your spouse, about the self confidence you will gain because you no longer have to hide, you know longer will wheeze or stink. Life has just begun!


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About me

Feeling positive

Don’t feel guilty about what you’ve failed to accomplish. Feel energized about what you now can achieve.

Stop feeling remorseful about the time you’ve wasted. Start feeling enthusiastic about the time that’s now available to you.

When the setbacks come, you won’t do yourself any favor by feeling sorry for yourself. What will help is to direct your feelings into being more determined than ever before.

There’s nothing to be gained by feeling envious of what others have accomplished. Choose instead to feel inspired by their examples.

It doesn’t help anyone for you to feel bad about those who are less fortunate than you. Instead, make meaningful use of your own good fortune so that it has a positive and powerful impact on many other lives.

For every reason to feel negative, there’s an even better reason to feel positive. And from those positive feelings come positive and valuable results.

— Ralph Marston







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