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About me

I have inhaled smoke my entire life! One of my favorite photos is of me at two weeks old cradled on my father's shoulder. He has a cigarette in his other hand! By the time my parents got smart enough to quit, I was in college and smokin' in the dorm lounge with all my friends. Spent some time tending bar and everyone who smoked was blowing smoke in my direction. I didn't mind and often joined them on the other side of the bar when my shift was over! Grad school study group, we all smoked! Always thought I would quit when I got pregnant. Oops, I forgot to have children but I did raise a few!! I have 'taken a few breaks' but am now ready to be an EX!!!

EDIT 1/6/2013 @ 11:PM  I don't smoke :) 

EDIT 1/6/2014 @ 11:PM Still don't smoke :)

EDIT 1/6/2015 @ 11:PM Still don't smoke :)

EDIT 1/6/2016 @ 11:PM Still don't smoke :)

EDIT 1/6/2017 @ 11:PM Still don't smoke :)