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About me

11/14/16 I just celebrated my 60th birthday. My 4th smokefree birthday because of the 24/7 support on this site. I keep coming back here because I am part of the EX family and that could be you!!!

8/31/16 1395 days of freedome! Nothing better than this!

8/2/15  Well I just hit 1000 days of freedom from cigarettes! So amazing to be free. Thanks to this community I quit and stay quit! xo

1/2/14  I just had my second breathe free birthday November 2013. I smoked on and off since I was 14...Have been a serial quitter...2 years...7 years...10 years the last time...what I never knew was the science behind addiction...why that one thoughtless puff in a moment would inevitably land me back in a pack!!  

This is the link that changed that forever for me...I hope I've quit in time to save my life! I know I've quit in time to save my SELF...



 I work and have always worked in the arts...I am a certified yoga instructor. I love to sing! I am beginning to participate in all my interests again instead of smoking my life away...

"The significant problems we face today cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that created them"- Albert Einstein

"If your eyes were open to all the beauty in the world, you would be overwhelmed with joy"

 "Adversity is the harbinger of transformation" - Theda