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About me

I'm a recovering nicotine addict.

I like Diet Dr. Pepper.

I don't like going to movie theaters, and I'd rather watch a movie at home where I can pause it or stop it for days if I feel like it. 

I love Tom Petty, The Beatles, Ozomatli and Queen. 

I'm married, no kids. 

My biggest fault and contradiction is that I'm really vain, even though I'm not chic or good at using make-up. 

I speak German fluently and Spanish proficiently.  I want to learn Arabic and Japanese. 

I have a Masters degree. 

I watch a ridiculous amount of TV, including, but not limited to, The People's Court, Judge Judy, House, Law and Order: SVU, and Project Runway.  It sounds like all junk, but I do watch the news occasionally and am actually pretty engaged.  I have a newspaper subscription.


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