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About me

About me

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I was born Nov 15, 1960. The end of the baby boomers era. I have 3 grown children and 6 beautiful grandchildren.

I started smoking when I was 12 and smoked a pack a day for most of my life. In an attempt to quit, I started spacing my smokes out, but I couldn't get lower than 10-12 cigarettes a day.

I watched the quit smoking commercials on tv and there was one in particular where a woman, who was 10 years younger than me, held her finger over her throat and said 'Let me give you some advice'. That was my ah ha moment. I told myself I had played russian roulette long enough.

So here I am!

9/2/12 - Life has gotten complicated. My son has spiraled downhill and is determined to hurt himself. I love my son more than life itself. Brain injury and substance abuse are a lethal combination. I put him in God's hands and pray that he finds his way.

I will not smoke. I will continue to set the example for my son.

9/26/12 - On Sept 18th, my son went on life-support for an infection in the blood and lungs. He has double lung pneumonia and his heart valve has vegetation on it. He is too weak for surgery at this time and will die without it. I spend my days in the CCU by his side. All this because he put a needle in his arm. All this because he couldn't walk away from his addiction. I think this is the saddest I've ever felt in my life. I take it one day at a time.

I will not smoke. Smoking won't help me or my son.

10/6/12 - So our beautiful Lord has bless our family. After 19 days of my son being on life-support. He is now on oxygen keeps amazing the docs with his will to live. So we will go from here.

Im still not smoking. Thank you dear God.

12/7/12 - I am having a wonderful smoke free holiday. My son is doing well. He ended up having 1 surgery on his left lung. They scraped it and took 25% of it due to part of it melting away from the severe bacterial pneumonia. The doctors are monitoring his heart to make sure the bacteria is really gone. He has made a commitment to live a drug free life. Unfortunately, he is still smoking. I read blogs to him when he will take the time to listen. Hopefully, in time, he will be brave enough to quit.

1/27/13, My son quit smoking. He said he uses me as an inspiration. He thinks of me sitting by his side last year and knowing I was beside myself and yet I didn't smoke. Wow! And I won't forget to give our dear Lord credit again for a job well done. Thank you Lord.




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