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I stopped making excuses on March 12, 2011 and have been smoke-free ever since Countup Clocks, Flowers Countups at WishAFriend.com

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summer has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | September 2014 Daily Pledge----Falling Leaves and Quits Standing Strong
Ms. J I now take your free hand and commit myself to stop smoking for the next 24 hrs. And extend my free hand to the next person in line.
(2 hours ago)

Brontë_W posted a comment on this blog post | Here I am
Thank you all for your kind comments! I feel an amazing sense of support from this community already. 
(2 hours ago)

summer posted a comment on this blog post | No Man's Land Weekly Blog -- Good Grief!
thanks the depression has been the hardest for myself.  Especially since I do suffer with depression, but I also understand that it just the a temporary type of depression. And I have learn...
(3 hours ago)


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