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~~Misty@Dawn~~Quit Date 07-29-2010

Brief description: ~At first, I quit for my kids and my days were rough. Now it's for me and my days are easy. :) ~


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About me

I smoked for 17 years, minus a few attempts to quit ranging from a few days to 5 months....

“I have learned to hate them and never will think of them as friends.  They suck and I never need or want them back ever again.” ~Ray AKA ManOfSteele.

I stopped smoking on a whim as a challenge to myself to see how long I could go without smoking before quitting for good...and haven't found a good enough reason to start again so I could quit.  So now I'm a former "confirmed smoker"....How cool is that!

Props to everyone on here who posts and supports...y'all are awesome!

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