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Brief description: numerous attempts to quit, been smoking since age 16 .. now 61 yrs old..im afraid its too late, it is too deeply engrained..correction, its never too late to improve your life..so here we go




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you can cry,whine,argue,runaway,scream,kick the dirt,take a nap,or take a shower...smoking is not an option...its off the table,not part of the equation,like zero times any number it will get you nowhere...

im on my way to 2 1/2 years my how time flies...i remember the beginning of my quit... time seemed to drag i thought that i would never make it to 6 months... but now now that the withdrawal is all but history the days just seem to fly...i have to come here to check my exact number of days quit.. but now the number doesnt matter... now its all about staying healthy....I know that i will never smoke again...

okay yesterday i hit 100 days and i was instructed that it would be a good idea to comment on how i made it to 100 days so in case anyone is struggling it might help them..

first i must advise that you keep your goals in focus... always have a short term goal and a long term goal,,...in the beginning it was hour to hour then it grew to day to day...

now its more like my short term goal is 120 days... my long term goal is 180 days... not too much difference? well to my nuerons it is ... i need attainable goals...

the next thing i can advise is dont touch anything that has to do with tobacco... always keep nope first and foremost your rule of thumb.

last... if you start having a crave..put your hand up turn your head and walk away....get away from whetever is your trigger.. as time goes by you get more strenghth and it isnt always necessary to leave the area... but in the beginning it is a good idea to leave the area...

thats it not really easy but it is simple...

oh yeah and follow oldbones camel



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