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I started chewing tobacco about 18 years ago (just seeing that number right now makes my heart ache)It is the type of habit that can be hidden pretty easily.So, I have lived the last 18 years of my life thinking of myself as others do- not a nicotine user. Seriously... how psychotic is that?I have quit about 1000 times in those years, a couple days here, a month there, and then I always have gotten back into it. These days, and really for years now, I have a real urge to quit this habit...tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, and "what's the big deal about having a quick small chew right now" and "I deserve this one, I'll just quit tomorrow" are the the recurring themes in my life. And they suck. And they're stupid. And they are very rational. And I consider myself a rational person. So, I would like to start this journey now. I would like to end a long bad trip, and start a fresh new life. And it scares the hell out of me to think that for more than half of the years of my life, I have been addicted to chew... and now I think I can quit? Well, this is a good step.




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