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Thomas(3-20-2010) posted a comment on this blog post | Day 12
If somebody offered you some arsenic - FOR SELL!!!! Very Cheap!!!!! Would you buy it? Just something to think about! Congrats on Day 12! Another Day WON!
(a minute ago)

Thomas(3-20-2010) posted a comment on this blog post | YAY, YAY, YAY!!! DAY 48 TODAY!!!!
So, Lisa What we believe about our Quits becomes true for us - but we can challenge those beliefs keeping N.O.P.E. in mind! I had the belief that I couldn't read a book without a...
(7 minutes ago)

NewMe posted a comment on this blog post | Wow.
You wrote such a nice tribute to Betty. And so true. She was around in the background here, but I'm not sure she stood out in my mind as anything other than a solid rock. (and I mean that as a...
(12 minutes ago)


spiritgirl's Message Board

Maggie_quit_8-1-2010 1655 days ago

So glad to see you!

violet 1661 days ago

welcome to the group! stay connected here & u will feel like family

LeapinLar 1671 days ago

Thanks 4 the encouragement.. 16 days 4 me.. its tuff but with God n this site I think we can do it...

Ex Nancy 1672 days ago

Very, very good...love your clock!!! Please continue to read and blog and read too...in other words, stay close to this site...the KEY is education about the addiction....<3

Maggie_quit_8-1-2010 1672 days ago

Hi! I read your story in your blog and almost cried. I am so happy that you've finally taken all these signs seriously and quit smoking.
Hopefully you were given lots of reading materials from those that responded to your blog. If not you can find them on my page - feel free anytime to check them out! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. It is very important to you and your quit. You go girl!

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