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newlife posted a comment on this blog post | Lets Talk about Fatigue
this is normall... nicotine elevates your heart rate.. your body is adjusting to the slower heart rate ... a good thing...the increased heart beat is what causes high blood pressure heart attacks...
(just now)

WLFSRFAMILY posted a comment on this blog post | Bonfire!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!
throwing in my 3850    happy 4th all
(5 minutes ago)

elvan posted a comment on this blog post | About our Shawn...
Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Shawn.  You really are a little dynamo and always willing to reach out and help everyone.  You are SO appreciated. Love, Ellen
(9 minutes ago)


irma19883's Message Board

Maggie (quit 8-1-2010) 1286 days ago

Hey there! Bet you thought you'd never here from me again! Not trying to be a bother but if I can help you in any way I'd be delighted! Here is a blog that a few of us put together recently to help newcomers. You may find it useful now or in the future Irma. http://community.becomeanex.org/pg/blog/read/4584106/welcome-new-members-click-here Happy new year!

Maggie (quit 8-1-2010) 1361 days ago

Hi! Saw your comment in the forum section. I also hope that you saw all the links I posted on that same forum to help. Also please fill out some info about yourself here on your profile. Telling us about your smoking history helps. By us I mean the other members. We are all here to help each other. Then come on out to the blogs and introduce yourself. We all hang out there and you'll get lots of support and advice. See you soon!

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