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I am just a country girl, married, with a large family. I want to live the rest of my life healthy and not a burden to my family when I get older.My family is my life.

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gayvenda posted on Liana's message board (an hour ago)

gayvenda posted a comment on this blog post | It's Simple:
I am choosing life today.  I just came off of a 10 day lupus flare which had me laying down for most of that time. The pain in my feet was intense, My nerve endings are damaged by so much...
(an hour ago)

NotJustAQuitter wrote a new blog post titled On day 11...
Still going strong.  I had a friend ask if she could have a cigarette and I said "Oh, I don't do that anymore."  I couldn't even tell her how long it had been.  Life...
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onelasttime 1648 days ago

Hope u r well today....

onelasttime 1650 days ago

Good Day Friend: I had those OREOS 3 to be exact that is a serving according to the pkg. We went yard saleing Sat but didn't find any treasures. Think the rain scaared everyone off. Hope you are doing weel with the not smoking thing. I am hanging tough I had some chest tightness yesterday I think its the pollen I have allergies and spring can turn miserable some days. But I still haven't smoked. 97 days I have a friend on here that said 100 days was a turning point for him I hope I continue on this path I really don't want to ever smoke again, but every once in a great while I think I would love to sit on the porch listen to it rain have a smoke and a cup of coffee . Then i think well I can do most of that so I have my coffee (oreo) and listen to the rain.Its not as hard to deny cigs as I htought it owuld be I think since I see such a improvement in my health it has helped alot well I must to the dreaded dishes, so you have a wonderful day...Deb

onelasttime 1651 days ago

Good morning Hope all is going well for you. Looks like a rainy weekend here in Ohio. We need the rain actually so the seeds I have planted will come up. I hope to have a better garden than last year. I have a lot more time and ambition since I stopped smoking. Still have to take it easy because of the back problems but I get alot done just have to take lots of breaks. Sounds like we have a lot in common I am not into new shopping tho I prefer someone elses junk..lol Hubby and I going to community Yard sales today if the rain holds off. So are you reaping any benefits from quitting yet? I have . Soon I will hit the 100 day mark. Never in my life would I have ever believed it. I think a higher power had something to do with it. I really don't have will power. Oreos have became my latest addiction. I am trying to stay away from them now its hard because they are the grandbabys favorite cookie . They r not good 4 anyone because of all the bad fats in them. But I guess there has to something in life that is risky.haha Headlines "Woman found face down in a package of OREOS death by overdose" better than death by lung cancer....Have a great day....Deb

JOSEGIRL 1653 days ago

I am new here so I am not sure if I am doing this right. Tyring to get to the introducce myself? O well, I am here so I guess that's all that matters for now. I will figure the rest out later. LOL!

JOSEGIRL 1653 days ago

Hi , I am looking for exsmoker buddies. I am fighting this addiction with every thing in me. I feel that with the help of others we can all beat this and help one another on the way. Let's get the ball rolling and show the nic. devil that we can beat him.

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