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Barbara posted a comment on this blog post | Quitting Again
Welcome.  I was 66 when I came to this site. I had smoked since I was 14.  That was almost 1000 days ago. I could not be happier that I did it.  I owe it all to the people on this...
(28 minutes ago)

Lana Kay posted a comment on this blog post | Quitting Again
I am 69 and have smoked since I was 15. I quit in 2009 for over 400 days. That was my longest quit. This quit feels different. I am not fighting it and I am surprisingly happy. This time I have only...
(54 minutes ago)

vanlil posted a comment on this forum | Untitled
Got rid of all my cig today.  Refunded $83.83 on 2 cartons of unopened cig. and gave 6 unopened packs to someone to give away. She is a non smoker and she knows someone who would take...
(an hour ago)


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