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oldbones5358 (Larry Oct-21-2013) posted a comment on this blog post | To my fellow newbies!
I am really proud of you Ann. Keep your quit strong and I will be waiting for you in NML. Larry the Caravan Master
(just now)

AustinHansen wrote a new blog post titled New Guy Here
Hello all! Not sure how many people will see this, as I'm still getting the hang of this site. Anyways, just thought I'd utilize everything this site has to offer, so I can maybe finally...
(7 minutes ago)

Marilyn (marmac) Quit Date 07-31-13 posted a comment on this blog post | Wednesday rambling.
YEA!!! Honey, you've did better than get a part in the Russian ballet but I love the attitude! Congratualtions on 50 days and for being a super role model :)
(9 minutes ago)


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