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ihateit posted a comment on this blog post | one day at a time
Our brains are powerful. Mine sometimes gets carried away, so I have been repeating a couple words about why i hate smoking and that has helped me. The key for me is saying it out loud. Sounds like u...
(8 minutes ago)

eric l posted a comment on this blog post | day four and five
My skin felt weird for the first 4 days w no nicotine. I guess its just part of my body taking a minute to get back to prenicotine balance.  My wife says ive been snappy the past week. Yea....
(14 minutes ago)

JACKIE posted a comment on this blog post | 1 day till my quit date
Good job, great accomplish, wonderful realization that you can think it through if you give yourself a chance.
(19 minutes ago)


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