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axme ( Paul ) wrote a new blog post titled one smoke for today
I whanted to say that I had one cigarette Monday and that was at 4:00 am this morning. But I am very Tired. 
(7 minutes ago)

CatsRsmart (1-1-16) posted a comment on this blog post | ER & Pulmonigist
Your willingness to blog and share means alot to alot of people here. 3 days = 72 hrs. That means nicotine is out of your system. You are well on your way. I found this site a year ago and I have...
(11 minutes ago)

axme ( Paul ) wrote a new blog post titled Nicotine Monster
Hi today my quit went O.K but I feel realy Tired, I never felt like this, Like I have the flu or something but I realy dont. And now the NICOTINE MONSTER  is saying all I need is...
(13 minutes ago)


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