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this is a group for people who do not smoke but chew tobacco in my opinion its almost the same thing because either way it's harming your helth so if…

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paulh posted a comment on this blog post | Road Trip
It sounds like a great trip and so happy that you didn't have any cravings. Casinos are tought for non smokers
(just now)

connect2amy posted a comment on this blog post | Day 18 - Question about the Losenge
I have known a few people that became addicted to the gum. My doctor gave me the green light to use the patch and gum and I have intermittently used the gum for unbearable moments. I primarily use...
(12 minutes ago)

connect2amy posted a comment on this blog post | News Flash!
I am early in my quit and I keep re-reading the harmful effects smoking has on your body. It's common to think of that one cigarette, but that one puff is in fact more dangerous. A whole...
(22 minutes ago)


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