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this is a group for people who do not smoke but chew tobacco in my opinion its almost the same thing because either way it's harming your helth so if…

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shashort (5-13-2016) has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | September, Be serious about your quit, say N.O,P,E and make a daily pledge
Good morning to everyone.  HeyCindiboo thank you for your free hand I gladly take hold and pledge to not smoke today no matter what. I offer my hand to the next person in line to...
(14 minutes ago)

Daniela 3-11-16 posted a comment on this blog post | If we keep moving forward in our precious quits and continue to stack up our fabulous days of freedom,then we will be successful!!!
Good morning Sunshine, glad you got a good night sleep! Happy Sunday and let's all make it another smoke free day!  
(36 minutes ago)

Daniela 3-11-16 posted a comment on this blog post | Happy Sunday
Congrats on making it smoke free yesterday, and may today be the same, as you know it is all up to you!  We will be around just in case, but hopefully you can make this the last one!
(39 minutes ago)


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