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this is a group for people who do not smoke but chew tobacco in my opinion its almost the same thing because either way it's harming your helth so if…

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mikecity wrote a new blog post titled Happy Halloween!!
Hi all,     My quit clock is at 1172 days.     Happy Halloween to all!!  The holidays are here!!  I hope to see you all at the bonfire...
(7 minutes ago)

annb❤10.30.2014 posted a comment on this blog post | feeling bombarded with negativity.
I hardly watch the news anymore. Scan the headlines for anything I want to know about. Used to be a faithful news junkie. No more! And Nancy you're right, those animal ads... Everyone I know changes...
(7 minutes ago)

savedbygrace<3 posted on jooch's message board (an hour ago)


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