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Carl Edwards is awesome! I have met him many times when I hosted the races at California Speedway for Office Depot. I met Carl before he ever won his first NASCAR race. He is the same guy now as he was then. I hope he wins the Chase!

Today is my first day to quit smoking. I sure hope I can stick with it. Tried 5 others times. I have only smoked for 3 years dues to stress from my divorce. I am 49 and just don't wanna smoke anymore. Pray for me.

Scott6099 1908 days ago

Does Carl even know about this group? It sure seems to be a boring group. Wheres the support Carl. This homeboy from Missouri says, rack them points up  and may the checkered flags be with you.

Chris 2108 days ago

whew, day 3 in the evenin was bad, had headache and stomach ache.  Restless night, gave in at 1:00 a.m. and had one.  Didn;t help headache or stomach ache.  Will try harder tomorrow.  Day 4, feeling better, so see how I get through the day.  I am determined to make this work, even with a few slips here and there. 

firebabs 2167 days ago

The Groups (where you are now) and forums are not well attended. You might be here for a long time before someone notices.  That's because this site is very confusing!  We all hang out at the Blogs (top of page, next to groups)  Write to us on the Blogs, we're waiting for you there!  Welcome, we have success and you can too, just meet us at the Blogs!

Bonnie11.3.2009 2258 days ago

my name is mary today is my 4th day without a cigarette, i am determined to quit this time, i have smoke for probably 40years and now i am tired of smoking my body my mind, i am going to retire w/i 7month from now. and i want to enjoy the little while i have left

alice 2262 days ago

Today is my first day. My goal is Sept. 25th. so I can go and tell my mom "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" I quit smoking. I have Chronic Emphsema, a rare lung disease called : Bronchilitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia, and heart problems. I need support and alot of Prayers. I am also on Oxygen 24/7...I don't smoke alot but this week has been so stressful that's when I really smoke....

familyis1 2296 days ago

Hi my name is Dee and I am going cold turkey on the first of September.  I have been reading a book by Allen Carr , getting myself prepared for the day.  I look at it this way I quit drinking 4 years ago and now I have decided to get off the nicotine drug, due to I know that it is an addiction and I have been having some back pains, and vericose veins.  I need some prays and encouragement.  

akron 2296 days ago

hi,,, welll my 1 day :)))

kate 2313 days ago

Just dropped in to check out the site again and noticed the site.  After 40 years at 1.5 packs a day I quit a year and a half ago.  I used an electronic cig for about 6 weeks to get over the first part and it made it vry easy to quit.  Biggest problem I have is sitting around watching the races and munching.

K Tague 2381 days ago

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Are you a fan of Carl Edwards? Join other fans talking about racing and re-learning life without cigarettes with EX.

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Sharon I gladly take your hand as I pledge to not smoke today, no matter what may happen. I reach out my free hand to the next person to join us in our pledge. Maureen
(3 minutes ago)

Dotgirl_1-28-16 posted a comment on this blog post | Quit More Than Cigarettes.... Also, Disclaimer: not recommending, just telling a story.
Beautiful! Congrats on your awesome 63 DOF! You're doing great!
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Dotgirl_1-28-16 posted a comment on this blog post | Let's Focus! and NEF! Terrie 2 DOF!
Congrats on your awesome 2 DOF. 
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