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We are a group of people who have for one of our reasons to quit as quitting for our pets. Smoking doubles the chance of our pets getting cancer accor…

Brief description: We are a group of people who have for one of our reasons to quit as quitting for our pets. Smoking doubles the chance of our pets getting cancer accor…



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I am really happily surprised I stumbled upon this group. Although I do not have pets of my own, I work in the animal caretaking field and get tons of support everyday from my furry friends. I use to work at an animal shelter, of course, at the peak of my smoking (almost a pack a day!) I NEVER smoked around those animals, but I am sure they licked it off my hands and smelled it on my shirt. Looking back, I was unknowingly doing more damage than I realized to those animals because of my habit. You guys at this group got it right, pets are an awesome way to quit for good. Hopefully soon after my quit date (June 29!) me and my boyfriend will get a puppy (he is allergic to cats, boo).

kmongoose 2369 days ago

Hi everyone.  My name is Caroline.  I'm so glad to find this group because two of my biggest reasons for quitting are my two Springer Spaniels, Audrey (4) and Oliver (1).  It's been 18 smoke-free days now, and I feel great!  It's been a cold turkey quit, and I think the worst is now over.  And, to make things really sweet, just the other day I was noticing that the dogs have been smiling ALL the time lately.  They are naturally happy dogs, but this has been very noticeable to me.  No coincidence, they are not having to inhale the stinky fumes any longer.  They are worth it.  I am worth it.  God bless all of you.  Stay strong!  We can do it!

spanielmom 2416 days ago

Hi my name is Brenda and I am on 32 days of quitting cold turkey.  I have a  cat named Gel (short for Green-eyed Lady) and last week I purchased a chihuahua.  He's a little guy.  I named him Boy.  You know like Tarzan, Jane, and Boy.

I got married to my wonderful husband Bill on Valentines Day February of 2006.  I have 3 sons aged 30,26, and soon to be 17.

This has been a monumental year already.  I was diagnosed with copd in March, I'm expecting my first grandchild in July and I finally got a chihuahua that I always wanted.  I started a group on this site called New People.  Everyone I have met on this website has been absolutely wonderful and supportive.  I have a lot of good reasons to quit now.  Hi to everyone and I am looking forward to supporting others as well.


Brenda 2417 days ago

Hope everybody and theri pets are having a smoke free day

Terry Morache 2575 days ago

Good Luck at your vet visit Blue Rose. I will be keeping you and your cat in my thoughts and prayers. I am keeping up with this group as much as I can with the transfer to the new site I am having a real hard time getting in as others who are in this group are having. I lost my 12 year old cat Rhia this past weeekend from surgical complications so I can understand your fear. Please remember that your being quit will make life healthier for your cat. Rusty will be very happy to live in a smoke free home. Keep us posted please.

Terry Morache 2583 days ago

One of my main reasons for quitting is my cat Rusty.  He's my best buddy and it's just him and I since my husband died to lung cancer 3 years ago.  Rusty is 11 years old and pretty healthy, but the vet did a new blood test a few months ago and said it showed his heart wasn't working quite right.  I asked the vet if my smoking inside sometimes would be bad for Rusty's heart and he said no, but I had my doubts.  I've quit for 11 days and Rusty gets his blood work redone in a month.  I really hope it's good news.



Bluerose 2584 days ago

Welcome Violet & Charlotte and Shar & Wiley. Congratulations on your quits. Know that there is a supportive group here for you. Please feel free to post pictures of your pets here on the group page. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, stay strong in your quits.

Terry Morache 2595 days ago

Hi Everyone! I'm on day 10 and doing well.

The love of my life is my 15 year old Yorkie named Wiley.

We just wanted to say hello.

Shar & Wiley

Shar 2595 days ago

It happens Brenda Lee, the important thing is that you realize what caused you to slip and you fix the problem. You will smell success and you're right it won't smell like a cigarette

Terry Morache 2596 days ago

Everyone is doing so good would like to make you all my friends please drop by and say hi.


Watch my funny video come to my page and enjoy .... it will make you laugh and help with your quit.

If you are not a member be sure to join the QPC group so we can have you a party and where you go and say congrat's to others.

Good way to have fun and get support plus make lots of friends by wishing them good luck. You can go to my page under my groups joined on left hand side next to last one down says QPC... Be sure to join and come to group often and wish others good luck ... Watch for your parties when you reach your milestones. It is great fun.

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Spunkie 2596 days ago

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We are a group of people who have for one of our reasons to quit as quitting for our pets. Smoking doubles the chance of our pets getting cancer accor…

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