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If you're a Bassmaster fan and are re-learning life without cigarettes, this is the group for you.

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Congratulations on your wonderful quit, you . 
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If you're a Bassmaster fan and are re-learning life without cigarettes, this is the group for you. Watch Kevin Wirth and Zell Rowland use the EX plan on ESPN2, and share your experiences quitting with other Bassmaster fans here in the EX Community.

For more information on Bassmaster events, visit www.bassmaster.com.

Brief description: If you're a Bassmaster fan and are re-learning life without cigarettes, this is the group for you.


Website: http://www.becomeanex.org/bassmaster.php

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Hi. I just found this group. My son(11) and I love fishing.  I quit smoking 14 days ago and I think the money saved will be going to buy an ice-fishing hut. So nice to get out and breath the cold, crisp, fresh air!!

cyn 1500 days ago

Just set my Quit date of Oct. 2,2010-- I meet Zell Rowland at Fishing for Freedom today at Belton Lake in Belton,Texas.After talking with him about the Ex Plan and reading everything about BecomeAnEx. I registered and set my date.Ex Plan along with the patches and this group. I know I can quit for good. I want to quit for myself for better health,more energy,being easier to breath,and smell better. Thanks for all the help.---- Gary Hare

ghare 1621 days ago

Check it out. I was struggling with a 20 mph wind today so instead of freezing, I hid out at my favorite spot by a little waterfall. I’m crankin’ with a little Bandit 100 for bass and this HUGE crappie hits. Get him in the boat take a pic. NEVER caught a crappie on this lake period. I think… well that’s strange and throw it back. Change colors and wham another huge crappie. Now it’s time to start thinking about hot grease and cornmeal. Caught four big crappie; largest was 2.5 lbs. Weird thing was, none were caught on the same color and all of the catches were on different lures. HMMMMMM. Man… fish will mess with you harder than cigs. But, at least I can eat the fish.

Tight lines PB

Pig Brotha 1815 days ago

Greetings Fishing Folks!

Hit the lake last Monday only spent a few hours out and finally broke my 2010 slump. H2O temp finally got to 45 and three nice largemouths’s decided to cooperate with my efforts. I’m geared up and heading back out in the morning for a full day. Hoping that the new moon, the backside of the front, and the rising temps will enhance my odds.

I’ll also be hitting the nicogum while enjoying a few Mexican Breakfast drinks. If the fish won’t bite, no worries, I’ll be thrilled to be on the lake. I’m on day 72 of my renouncement and enjoying life, lung capacity, and liberty.

Tight Lines,

Pig Brotha’

Pig Brotha 1816 days ago

well it's like 75 or 76 days now,no smoking,several fishing trips,finally recovered from pneumonia(i blame the cigarettes)strange though,the better i feel,the more my brain says it might be ok to smoke just one more.....stupid brain....evil drug(nicotine)   do not let your guard down!!

v-mike 1820 days ago

Karenfly, congrads on your new non-smoking life. It's been 1 week for me and Im also using the patch. However, I had to use step 2 of the patch cause step 1 turned my stomach, (i smoked a pack a day for 28 yrs.) Your a light smoker , so if you have any problems like that switch to step 2, there's no rules on how you do it, you just have to committ to it and live longer, to fish and do your good works for others.  I read somewhere here when your on the boat and you are having ilde time, that it's a great time to clean your reals, tackle box thing like that to stay busy until you hook up the big one. I also change the way I fix my coffee. Use to be with just milk, now I just drink it black. Believe me it works. My 2 damons were coffee and cigarettes. I fine myself not drinking half as much coffee now and no smokes. I feel great. Good luck   Tom

Tommy Boy 1821 days ago

I've been on BecomeAnEx for a while now, but just found this group today!  I am thrilled!  I am a female competitive bass angler and hopefully soon to be an ex smoker.  I've been a closet smoker for the last few years, but I still manage to sneak 10 a day in somehow.  Today I started the patch... and I hope I can kick this habit without the weight gain everyone usually has.  That's truly been my reason for not quitting for the last 10 years.  Sad, huh?  I am also a nurse, which makes my habit even stupider (is that a word?).  I will be leaving in less than a week on a medical mission trip to Haiti - no smoking (and no Diet Coke either) so I am nervous about that - but I will thankfully be working long hard hours without time to think about caffiene and nicotine.  My first tournament will be two weeks after I return from Haiti, so that might be the true cigarette test!  Hopefully the cravings will be gone and I will not be tempted to light up on the lake.  And HOPEFULLY I will need both hands to land multiple 6 pound smallmouths....

Blessings to all you fellow anglers who are trying (or have already) quit this nasty habit.  I hope I can be as successful!

Karen in KY

karenflys 1825 days ago

Just posted a new episode of BassFeed: The Bass Fishing Podcast! if anyone cares.

This weeks episode features an interview with Bassmaster Elite Angler Jeff Kriet - he's made peace with the runner up finish at the Bassmaster Classic and his looking ahead to the west coast swing of the Bassmaster Elite Tour.

Also got MAJ Cody Roberson of the Army Bass Anglers back on. He's a semi-regular to the show and has a pretty cool organization.


blink 1827 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

Re-learn support with the help of the active EX Community — all part of the EX Plan — a free, personalized online program to help you re-learn life without cigarettes.

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