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47 years old and feeling really good about not smoking - Quit Nov 1st, 2010 AGAIN!

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jennifer72113 (5-1-14) posted a comment on this blog post | Day 30- At the gates of no-man's land.
Congratulations on 30 days!  Sounds like you have a great start going on here!
(6 minutes ago)

djmurray Quit Date 12-31-14 wrote a new blog post titled Day 63 and my patience is being sorely tried
Well, after another series of total screwups, the carpet cleaners who were supposed to be here by 10 this morning (actually by 8 because I had clearly requested to be the first appointment)...
(8 minutes ago)

tjanddj posted a comment on this blog post | day 39
Hugs Jimmie. It will be a smoke free day.
(10 minutes ago)


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