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47 years old and feeling really good about not smoking - Quit Nov 1st, 2010 AGAIN!

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Sick of it posted a comment on this blog post | day 274
I am working on the weight as well, but if I can quit smoking what is a little weight?  As Dale would say, give yourself enough time my aim is a 250 calorie reduction and a 250 calorie burn per...
(an hour ago)

mikecity wrote a new blog post titled Hello All
Hi everyone,     My quit clock is at 1074 days.     Happy Friday to all!!  We made it through another week!!  I guess we always do!!  What are...
(3 hours ago)

elims 09-14-13 posted a comment on this blog post | Still around
So happy to see you Larry. I am so glad you are still looking after the trail.
(6 hours ago)


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