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Brenda M posted a comment on this blog post | Happy 1,000 days of life without a cig! - Happy Thanksgiving!
Congratulations on the comma!!!!
(8 minutes ago)

JACKIE 012515 posted a comment on this blog post | Counting my Blessings!
Singing today and my thoughs. Oh!  give thanks unto the Lord for he is good,  yes he is good.  He is worthy,  worthy,  for he is good yes he is good.  Happy...
(28 minutes ago)

Sootie quit November 15, 2009 wrote a new blog post titled TO EVERYONE IN OUR EX FAMILY.......
There are two ways that you can look at life...................... As if nothing is a miracle OR As if everythihg is a miracle Hoping that all of you see the miracles that surround us...
(54 minutes ago)


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