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Terrie_12-07-2016 posted a comment on this blog post | I really never left, I am already quit again!
I am glad for those that laugh with me! Bless you! Terrie 1 DOF
(just now)

Dotgirl_1-28-16 posted a comment on this blog post | Relapses during the holiday season... Who (of us long timers) thinks "year of firsts" and handling holiday stress would be good to re-blog for those who came behind us?
Thank you Misty Dawn for stopping by and suggesting EXers share what helped get them through their firsts...all information is helpful and can be added to our toolboxes! Having been quit for several...
(just now)

crazymama_Lori posted a comment on this blog post | enjoy it
don't miss it one bit
(a minute ago)


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