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I am just a country girl, married, with a large family. I want to live the rest of my life healthy and not a burden to my family when I get older.My family is my life.

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mikecity wrote a new blog post titled Good morning to all
Hi everyone,     Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!  This week is flying  by too!!!!!!  My insurance company had a doctor  give me an inhome visit last night....
(16 minutes ago)

Bonnie B. I quit on 02-08-15 posted a comment on this blog post | New Job Starts Tomorrow!
Good luck and many blessings in your  new job Thomas ,and Thomas they will be very blessed to have you on staff ! What will you be doing in your new job ?  
(2 hours ago)

Giulia posted a comment on this blog post | Slip
"and the fact that he encouraged the smoker to continue until the end" That's and easy excuse to continue smoking.   Do you see it?  "BE STRONGER THAN YOUR...
(2 hours ago)


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