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I'm seriously probably one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

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cheyenne posted a comment on this blog post | 130 exit NML
WOO--HOO GT.....Congratulations!!!! I knew you would make it.....you and your quit are awesome!!!! Very inspirational.....thanks for your upbeat pep talks that you share on your blogs....you...
(8 minutes ago)

Chris posted a comment on this blog post | quitting again starting today
Did you read Allen Carr’s book?  When you get a flat tire – the first thing you do is light a cigarette.  You think you feel better, but your tire is still flat.  So what...
(12 minutes ago)

cheyenne posted a comment on this blog post | monday is my quit day
Hi Mary....I'm so proud of your decision....sent you a pm (private message) on your page : ))
(14 minutes ago)


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