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sharon posted a comment on this blog post | the Third day
You WILL beat this! I had a rough few weeks when I stopped. Try cutting plastic staws the right length. It worked for me during the rough times, driving, etc. I enhaled the fresh clean air and I...
(54 minutes ago)

Harry posted a comment on this blog post | Need help getting back on track!!!
I am on my third day and it turned out to be the toughist for me so far, this is a great site for support I don't think I would have made it this far without the support of total strangers just...
(54 minutes ago)

sharon posted a comment on this blog post | Good Morning All
Mike, great to see your post. I am at 289 days free today, largely in part to your postings.   I appreciated your blogs when I needed them....thanks so much!   Sharon
(57 minutes ago)


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