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marilynhotgram wrote a new blog post titled Happy Saturday everyone ☺
It's storming again, crap, crap, crap but that's ok winter is on a down hill slide. Tommorow is February so that's a good thing and my husband is home this weekend another good thing and...
(just now)

aztec posted a comment on this blog post | OMG it's Day 30!!
congratulations, I hope you reward yourself for your milestone. its a good habit to getinto, you would have spent the money on killing yourself. so you can celebrate. I would reather breathe...
(8 minutes ago)

marilynhotgram posted a comment on this blog post | OMG it's Day 30!!
I am sooooooo very happy that you are an EX SMOKER yay. I am sorry about your episode with your copd but am happy that you are on day 31 of your amazing quit. If you haven't already maybe read...
(12 minutes ago)


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