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MePlus3 posted a comment on this blog post | Shouting!!!
Lol I didn't know I know inspector gadget lol the investigation is still ongoing the police is going to pick her up in the morning and have her write a statement to sort of tangle her up in her lies...
(just now)

plug66 posted a comment on this blog post | No Man's Land Weekly Blog -- Kick it to the Curb!
definately a rocky road, but dammit, i will make it i'm at 73 days, got a ways to go yet.....ughhhh
(2 minutes ago)

Nix posted a comment on this blog post | Fear!
Welcome. You are definitely in the right place for the most amazing advice and support from a great community. Im pretty new myself and would not have been able to have stayed quit without this...
(2 minutes ago)


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