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Amy Caroline wrote a new blog post titled I'm NEW! And quite nervous!
My name is Amy. My quit date is this saturday, August 1st. Its coming fast and I just want to reach out on here to see if anyone will answer a newbie?
(13 minutes ago)

Deena A. Yenni (8-1-15) posted a comment on this blog post | "This is going to be so hard"
As always, thank you for your post.
(19 minutes ago)

Storm posted a comment on this blog post | Ran errands for 3 hours without a cigarette, even thou they were in my possession
I gotta say, I am really pleased to see YOU say that you felt foolish pulling over in that church parking lot to smoke. You see, I never smoked in my truck, so I had cultivated these convenient...
(28 minutes ago)


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