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Uniquebyd posted a comment on this blog post | Question for the elders: the highest vulnerability?
Thank you all very much, I had the feeling I am crossing it right now..a little depressed, yet proud when co-workers are asking "still don't smoke", but find myself overreacting to...
(2 minutes ago)

Mag10Q-Quit July 16 2013 posted a comment on this blog post | More results
Oh Sharon Continuing thoughts and prayers Sharon!! Love and Hugs Mag  
(5 minutes ago)

Terrie quit 07-06-2015 posted a comment on this blog post | E-cig vape
Here is a link to some pretty good information, the facts. Personally, I am against them! http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/smoking-cessation/10-facts-about-e-cigarettes.htm I hope...
(29 minutes ago)


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