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Thomas(3-20-2010) posted a comment on this blog post | YAY, YAY, YAY!!! DAY 48 TODAY!!!!
So, Lisa What we believe about our Quits becomes true for us - but we can challenge those beliefs keeping N.O.P.E. in mind! I had the belief that I couldn't read a book without a...
(5 minutes ago)

NewMe posted a comment on this blog post | Wow.
You wrote such a nice tribute to Betty. And so true. She was around in the background here, but I'm not sure she stood out in my mind as anything other than a solid rock. (and I mean that as a...
(10 minutes ago)

MePlus3 posted a comment on this blog post | Freedom Train 08/27/2016
100 days woohooo!!! Breakfast looking delicious! I'm coming on with 13 DOF (I think) I can't believe I'm losing count already I guess time flies when you're having fun! Have a wonderful smoke free...
(10 minutes ago)


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