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swilson posted a comment on this blog post | Winter Wonderland!
Not having too worry if i have enough cigarettes is a huge perk for me, sweet freedom and more money. by the way we have extra snow and ice in Missouri if you need more
(5 minutes ago)

Sootie quit November 15, 2009 posted a comment on this blog post | First Blog
You've come to the best place for support in quitting smoking. You will also want to educate yourself on smoking, quitting and addiction. Whyquit.com is an excellent reading place. Great articles...
(12 minutes ago)

elvan posted a comment on this blog post | Day 25...... NOPE
Good for you, I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask your friend not to leave them laying around.  I would think about going another step and asking her to smoke outside.  It would be...
(12 minutes ago)


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