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Silverstar posted a comment on this blog post | New Comer
Welcome to EX, Mrs.1972.  The best thing I did when I got here was immerse myself in Quitting:  logging in here every day and blogging and reading blogs, doing the recommended reading on...
(45 minutes ago)

Silverstar posted a comment on this blog post | The best is yet to come...
Good blog, good message, glad you are here to help those of us new here to hang on, life gets better (though not perfect).  Thanks!
(49 minutes ago)

indingrl.01.06.2011 posted a comment on this blog post | Freedom Train 1/20/17
HOORAY FOR JESUS!!! stepping on with 2206 nicotine FREE days in Jesus name and thanks for the healthy snacks I still trying to LEARN HEALTHY HABIT EATING NEW WAYS time time time and I always TRY to...
(52 minutes ago)


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