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faiyth posted a comment on this blog post | When will I feel like a nonsmoker?
I'm so sorry for your loss too annb.  It's a hard thing to go through but you know, my mom had a twin sister so a part of my mom is stll here.  That's comforting...
(8 minutes ago)

vsmith85 wrote a new blog post titled 10 days smoke free, really getting hard now.
It's 3am here, and I'm really having trouble fighiting off the urge to smoke. For me day 2 had been the worst, but it had been pretty much smooth smailing up till now. Sure, the occational...
(14 minutes ago)

mikecity wrote a new blog post titled Good Morning Everyone
Hi all,      My quit clock is at 1143 days.      Happy Thursday!!  It's the down side of the week!!  I hope everbody is having a good...
(an hour ago)


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