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Mag10Q posted a comment on this blog post | GOOD FRIDAY EVERYONE! BEST TIME OF YEAR FULL OF RENEWAL!!!
Happy Easter to you too Maria!!! Mag 276d
(3 minutes ago)

Annbowders posted a comment on this blog post | Expensive Shopping Trip
So glad you are safe and sound and amazing job of keeping your quit!!! Now that was one of dem tests wasn't it!!! Shew! And elvan sorry about that dryer! The "demon" is running all over EXVille...
(3 minutes ago)

Green thumb posted a comment on this blog post | Hypnosis to quit smoking?
My budy always tells me how his  neighbors both husband and wife and him and his wife all quit at the same time neighbors got hypnosis and still smoke to this day 20 years later and him and his...
(3 minutes ago)


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