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KMC56 posted a comment on this blog post | 5 months & 12 days I was free...today is a new day one
Feel you pain doll.   Strength to you!
(5 hours ago)

Pops posted a comment on this blog post | Freedom Train Friday! 6/24/16
Thanks for the ride...I think I'll just kick it back here in the caboose with 31 days today. Pops
(5 hours ago)

Giulia has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | Jump into June!
Mag Maggy Mo Maggy Banana Fanna Mo Mana got your handa and a thanka.  I will not put cigarette to lips today.  No how.  No way.  Hurray!  Here's my hand out to the next...
(5 hours ago)


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