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Renee posted a comment on this blog post | OMG it's Day 30!!
Excellent! Hugs for making it through your hospital visit. I had no idea they would remove the smoking label line that. How supportive.
(18 minutes ago)

ruralgrl wrote a new blog post titled day 18
once again my husband came home. He went  5 days not smoking and as soon aas he left he smoked. It is very hard for me knowing he is smoking even though he does not do it here. I am trying to...
(23 minutes ago)

jdrabbit01 wrote a new blog post titled 2 weeks
I am 1 hour shy of being smoke free for 2 weeks.  Thanks to this site and all of the reading that has been suggested to me, it has been relatively stress free so far.  Sure my mind keeps...
(29 minutes ago)


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