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cat wrote a new blog post titled Bad moment
Today will be week 3.  It's a bad day.  I am finding myself wishing something bad would happen so I could smoke again. Yuck.     I do think today could be hormonal....
(just now)

MustangSally7705 posted a comment on this blog post | Quitting soon?
I will keep you close in thought, feel free to reach out, I'll be here to help you get on your feet again! Don' t beat yourself up, learn where you went wrong and try again. Be patient not...
(33 minutes ago)

annbā¤10.30.2014 posted a comment on this blog post | 14 days 10 hrs 31 min
All the billions of dollars spent by big tobacco and their product still stinks!!! Lol lol. I can smell a smoker a block away and cringe to know I ever smelled that way!! Good job on two weeks!! H...
(35 minutes ago)


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