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Barbara posted a comment on this blog post | Embracing Me
I agree, Sheri.  I believe just the act of quitting, grows us up.  I was so childish when I smoked.  I love my growth   In my case it was about time!  Thanks for your...
(a minute ago)

Iwannalife posted a comment on this blog post | ten days two weekends double digits
Hooray for your double digits-keep the path clear behind you I am following your footsteps is this battle and we will win!
(7 minutes ago)

Barbara posted a comment on this blog post | using the patch?
I don't think the patch would cause heartburn.  Indigestion is part of quitting.  I think I had it intermittently for at least 6 months.  You are not going to recognize your body...
(8 minutes ago)


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