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grandbunn :) 07-06-2015 posted a comment on this blog post | Reading and Reacclimating: so very glad you're all still here!
Hi, Nice to meet you! I have found this site, educating myself and all the wonderful people here, willingness and commitment is what it takes! NML is tough sometimes! You can do it this time! If you...
(7 hours ago)

summer 07-06-15 has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | Obdurate October Pledge
Sharon I gladly take your hand. I pledge not to smoke for the next 24 hrs. I extend my hand to the next person in line. summer 95 Days of freedom
(7 hours ago)

grandbunn :) 07-06-2015 posted a comment on this blog post | Love YOU!
Thanks, Joni! Sheri is always an inspiration to me! When I look in the mirror today, I feel a whole lot better about myself than I did 95 days ago! Terrie
(7 hours ago)


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