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Mag10Q posted a comment on this blog post | Congratulations Izzy~Newlife
Congrats Izzy So proud of you and happy for you!!! Mag465d
(just now)

Youngatheart (7.4.12) posted a comment on this blog post | Day 10... 200 smokes, not smoked.
Sorry life has thrown you a curve - but it sounds like you have learned that smoking will not do one thing to make it any easier (or certainly less expensive!).  Just think - you have more money...
(just now)

Ms. J November, 10 2013 posted a comment on this blog post | FREEDOM TRAIN!!!!
OMG Nan those pancakes look amazing!  Jumping on board with 347 DOF, and loving it.  Thanks for the lift Cyn and congratulations to Moody 400 DOF WOW and Izzy with 1 Year..What a great...
(2 minutes ago)


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