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cookie804 posted a comment on this blog post | A sunny day
when I get out of NML I will wait for you to close the door. Congratulations on 109 DOF. I think I am at 116 but not sure at this moment. Love ya girl and keep stacking those days.
(12 minutes ago)

Froguelady (quit 3-16-11) posted a comment on this blog post | Day 1
A good attitude helps a quit.  Blogging everyday vents whatever feelings you have be it good or bad and keeps you accountable for your actions.  Carolyn gives very good advice and she is...
(12 minutes ago)

Ms. J November, 10 2013 posted a comment on this blog post | A sunny day
Well hello across the lake and congrats on 109 DOF, keep on rocking it!! xoxoxo Jackie 354 DOF
(13 minutes ago)


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