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Wanda wrote a new blog post titled Is it just me...
I work in an office full of women.  Various ages, sizes, races, attitudes.  One day HR had to put up a sign "if you tinkle on the seatie, be a sweetie and leave it...
(20 minutes ago)

amykauffman wrote a new blog post titled Day 2
Day 2 of tracking my smoking. My mornings are the hardest and seem to  smoke less at night.  
(24 minutes ago)

CHADdict wrote a new blog post titled DAY 1, yippee im a non-smoker... Can't type sarcasm....
Wow day 1. Im having a hard time deciding if im going to use nicotine gum or smoke aids or just go cold turkey. The hardest part after 23.5 hours is the almost instictual inclination to go out and...
(25 minutes ago)


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