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Day 67 - smoke free but alot heavier and getting depressed!

March 25, 2010 Comments (9)

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Ahhhhhhhhhh - yes I am 67 days and 21 hrs smoke free!  I did it  - but my cravings have become more intense lately and I do not know why!  I am off my antidepressant - so maybe this is the reason - don't know.

I am constantly hungry too!  Still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try to eat as healthy as I can - but the craving seems to go away with something to eat!  Oh Lord!  This is no good!

I have gained weight - yes - I had gained from the pill I was taking - now I am gaining from not smoking!

None of my spring clothes fit me now - I can't afford new ones either!  And to boot I am getting depressed all over again cause of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate it!

However - I am smoke free!  Gotta get a better grip on myself here - any suggestions besides exercising cause I am doing that - but can't do it 24/7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I am such a cry baby! :( 

Comments (9)

We are in the same boat, my friend.  The weight gain is starting to bother me! I've gained 4lbs. in my first month of my quit.  They say not to try to lose weight and just to focus on not smoking.  I think that is still the best way to go.  We have to keep in mind that we aren't totally free of this addiction. 

I'm trying to just eat as healthy as possible...fruits, veggies and dip, whole grain breads, lean meats, salads, soups, herbal teas, etc. But it is hard when I crave a burger or chicken wings, lol.  If I have that craving, I just indulge it to avoid bingeing later.  Also drinking more water and consider whey protein shakes and/or fiber supplements to curb your hunger and keep you full.  Hope this helps.  Good luck :)

Shytowngrrrl 2493 days ago

First I want to start by saying you have done a remarkable job.  67 days ,now that is alot of days behind you. On the other subject of weight gain. I know what you mean there. Being on the antidepressant must have alot to do with this for you. I am on a meds right now that makes me gain and along with quiting smoking is really hard to cope with. It can be done though. I let some time go by into my quit and then started more of a lower carb diet. Not your typical Atkins but really paying attention to my carb intake. It seems to be the only way that I can keep my weight fron going up every time I get on the scale. So with coming off the med you will be hungry so this may help you alot. Im no specailist for sure, but this is my experience with quiting and meds. Hope this helps you, You have done so well . Keep on going. Take care , Kathy

KathyS 2493 days ago

DON"T call yourself a crybaby! This site is here for us to complain and be exited and be angry and every other emotion coming off an addiction brings out of us! I have gained some already too, and food tastes SO MUCH BETTER! Ugh! I found a new fun dance/exercise video I am going to do today and I resisted the urge to go get a burger! Another thing to take one craving at a time, huh? (by the way, I HATE exercising too, but I like dancing!)

by the way YOU QUIT SMOKING! YOU ROCK!! Holy crap, this is the HARDEST thing to do! YOU DID IT!! I hope things get better for you today...I like to beat the crap out of my pillow sometimes....

bonfire817 2493 days ago

Thank you all so much for this support!  It has taken me awhile to write down these concerns because I usually never complain - or I try hard not to ! :)  I have gotten advice saying that I think too much of the cravings for smokes and then focus it on the food part - maybe I do - who knows?  Anyway - I love to dance too!  So - I am going to look into some dance videos that will probably help me - thanks everyone!  You are great!   :)

chris148 2493 days ago



just persevere to NOT go backwards friend~  35 yrs of smoking for me...born to SMOKERS...  so I pretty much have ALWAYS had nicotine /c:

I am almost at 6 month quit~ and will NOT go back.    I too have some depression~ but I also have 4 months of insomnia ~

  JUST know that  YOU can do this ~ YOU are going in the  right direction ~

  Eat more fruit and nuts~  Make them YOUR treat ~~~ 

ALSO~  IF you are still using caffiene...CUT down to minimal~ as with out nicotine.... the caffiene EFFECTS us stronger ...causing anxiety .




debrazgalaxy 2493 days ago

I want  tell you congrats on 67 days.. that is  wonderful. I am with you on the weight gain. I am up 15 pounds ( I quit almost 6 months ago) and hate every inch of it, but not enough to go back to smoking. I can not believe how badly second hand sick arettes smell. ( i know the spelling is incorrect this is my new name for them as the smell makes me sick) Guess you can say I have turned into one of those EX smokers as I am constantly telling my friends how bad they stink and they need to quit. This does not mean I do not think about having a cigarette. Funny how a smokers mind works. I quit, I can't stand the smell of them .. I can't stand anything about them yet from time to time my pee brain tells me I want one. geez.. wish i never ever started.

patricia5 2493 days ago

Hey Chris, Congrats on your quit, you rock! I do know what you mean about the food thing. It was helpful for me to understand that all these addictions fall within the realm of the oral fixations. Therefore often the food replaces the smokes especially with stress factors or boredom or even waking up!LOL!

I did one session with a dr. to help me "gain insight" into the oral thing and THAT WAS ENOUGH! I left there pissed and ready to take back my life from a pending second addiction. I got me some straws, cut those suckers in half and decided no more diets but I would change everything to be healthy. Everything changed when I stopped smoking so it was a prime time to do it. I am on Zone Diet. I feel great and I am working out like a fiend. I found out my dopamine response (feel good receptors) may not be fully healed  from my smoking quit for 6 months so I will not add any antidepressants! I found that food can be the most powerful drug and I have gone to eating organic and health food with great results. I am not really promoing any of these fixes but encouraging you to find yours. We did so good stopping the cigs. Now we gotta recreate our lives. After how hard we worked that will be a fun ride! 101 days cold turkey and loving every minute, Thank God!!!!

Cathi4 2493 days ago

Chirs...67days!! WOW...I hope I can say the same soon. I am only day 6. On the depression, I'm with you, not there yet so I called and started celexa last night. Which anti-depressant did you do. Some are weight gainers and some are weight neutral. Maybe you can go on one that actually makes you lose your appetite..that would be wellbutrin! Anyways Good job, I hope someday I can say I have 67 days in!!!

Tina81 2493 days ago

Thank you again everyone - everything here is good advice.  I had taken Prestiq since last March - but am off of that now for a little over a month.  I knew that the antidepressant was not doing me any good and even though I think it was easier to quit while on it - I am glad that I am off it at this time.  Do I think I will need to go back on that or something like it????? Who knows - circumstances were what put me there - and hopefully I am on the road to recovery without it.  If not, I will be woman enough to admit that I do need help in that circumstance.

My weight bothers me cause even though i am on track for my height and frame - I don't like it.  Everyone always said I was too skinny - but not in my eyes - so - well - I did gain 25 lbs in the past year - that is unbelieveable!!! - Quitting smoking puton about 10 -12 of those! 

It is funny though - as Patricia says - it is funny how a smokere's mind works....... I hate them now - I hate the smell of them and I feel good that I am able to even be around people that smoke and not want to smoke.... however........ I STILL THINK I would "love" one at times!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes - like I mentioned awhile ago - it's like ..."......... if I smoked I would have one right now cause I need one - but I don't smoke so I won't have one! "  Hell - when i say that at times - everyone laughs at me - they dont really know that I really would like one!!!!!! 

Thank you, thank you everyone - you are all amazing!  Never in my life did I think that I would find people bonding together in this quest!  Never did I think that I would be going down this road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for being in my life - you all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

chris148 2492 days ago

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