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Congratulations on all of your achievements.
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Warning:  a bit of tough love coming.  Take what you like and leave what you don't. Janet, I beg to differ with you.  You DO know what to do.  You are just unwilling to do...
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59 Days Nicotine/Smoke Free

February 23, 2010 Comments (6)

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Helo all, continue to do well today. I had a co worker ask yesterday how was it going and wanted a little info about what I was doing , NRT or not etc,,, Well most of you guys know me( I'm bah humbug on NRT HA!) and of course I  gave all the pros and cons of what I knew about it and suggested she check it out for herself. I know I probably make some folks mad about the NRT but I don't mean to I just  read all I could find about addiction and made the choice to not use it and reading about it gave me the info I needed.

Anyway she understood the theory and said she would check into it for herself , which is what I've always suggested.

I smoked 2 packs a day for over 36 years and today I'm a 59 day  Nicotine free happy non-smoker!!

PS Remember, while there is treatment, there is no  Alcohol patch, gum etc.... I'm just saying,,,,,

Thanks guys for ll your insightful blogs


Comments (6)

Well said James!!!! Not using anything this time, and I can feel it working better at 7 days already than the patch and/or gum did in the past. Longest I ever stayed Nicotine free was 2 years and didn't use anything that time either!! j

johnnyp 2290 days ago

Good Job james, I got sober in AA 12 years ago. but cigarettes kicked my ass, I put all of my addiction into smokes. I am in a course at the college and the mayo clinic is the host. they do use nrt's, ya they may be bad too. but I needed to come off nicotine slowly, very slowly, I have 294 days smoke free and get about 6mg of 1 mg gum a day for now, I've been  weening a while now, I did the same thing with cigarettes it took me6 months to ween of cigarettes, so I'm pretty proud of myself and I learned how NOT to smoke and why I did. I'm tracking my nrts too.

All of us are not the same, and some of us take more time to get off nicotne, I have had 5 years cold turkey, 1 year cold turkey and another year cold turkey, I am watching to see when I make it to a year with or without nrts , i have 294 days without my lungs being poluted .


Aztec, call me whimpy ,thats cool

aztec 2290 days ago

Call me wimpy too.  - Think I did it wrong? Should I start over?


95 Days smoke free, only 50 days nicotine free.

molzep 2289 days ago

call me wimpy too, sorry 26, days smoke free 2 day nicotine free

time to change the record.

 have a nice day jackie

JACKIE 2289 days ago

Hey James...always glad to read your blog! Ten weeks plus cold turkey and would never have it any other way! But I too have developed a middle of the road approach on pharmaceutical nicotine. Hell, what ever works to quit you but I hope you can shake free from NRTs after! ANY QUIT IS A GOOD QUIT!

Congrats to all the LUCKY ONES that have quit by any means and stayed quit!!!!! Congrats James...I am so proud of you probably as much as you are. I remember your first blog!

Cathi 2289 days ago

Give it another day or so, and you will be smoke free for 2 months.  Pretty amazing.

Like you, I got a prescription for Chantix.  I think you have already quit taking it.  I see many people stop before the recommended prescription runs out.  I may stick with it since I have 28 days to go.

What I find interesting from the blogs above is not so much how a person quit or what method they used, but that they are still quit.  I think if one would develop some statistics, that they may find this website success rate is much higher compared to people who try to quit on their own.

Before giving me the prescription for Chantix, my doctor told me to get a support group.  How right she was.  Not only has the support been great, but the amount of education we provide each other is invaluable.  And you have been one of the best educators.

Joe 2289 days ago

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